Monday, February 22, 2010

Here we go again with more snow--of course the dogs love it. Caper thinks it is strange when there is no snow. Yaz and Chic had a great time in it.
Malinois puppies are really getting there little characters now and are responding when I talk to them. Soon be tearing around.
Most of the snow has melted tonight and we have a really hard frost yet again--is Spring ever going to appear?
Good weekend for the Bonvivants with Bonvivant Nonpareil avec Stonedragon BOB at Maidenhead Open whilst Bonvivant Symbolique at Tokyn BOB at NW&PB Open show. Bonvivant Visage(Laekenois) 1st AVNSC open and Res AVNSC
The Laekenois pups go for their first innoculations on Tuesday--I can't believe they are already 8 weeks old--just hope they get some homes soon--4 bitches and 1 dog available.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Laekenois puppies are now 7 weeks old and into everything. Very bold and greet everyone that comes to play with them.
The Malinois puppies are 2 weeks old and have their eyes open. Chiraze is a good mother and keeps them scrupulously clean.
News from Guernsey that Venus (from the previous Laekenois litter) is off to Jersey for the Dog of the Year competition! Good Luck Sue and Venus.
Brissie has won a Nursery stakes in agility.
Caper attended his first proper obedience class today and was a very good boy. Lots of work to do but he took everything in his stride. He was a very tired puppy when he got home.
Cello and Cruz have an obedience competition at the end of the month so more training needed !
More mud here so the dogs still can't stay out in their paddocks for long without getting plastered--roll on summer!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

We have puppies at last !!!!! Chiraze has 2 bitches and 2 dogs. It has been an exceedingly long day from 5am this morning when she started to shred her paper. After a couple of hours she was very quiet and we decided to have her checked over at the vets as a precaution, after which we took a bumpy ride home and she had her first puppy, a male. The second puppy was stuck so she needed a bit of assistance, a bitch, and then another bitch followed by a dog. All are very strong puppies and are feeding well. Chiraze is a very good mother.(apologies for the top picture but you have to start them young :))
There always seems to be something good and then something bad-- Bonvivant Accapella,Pye, almost 13 years old, passed away this afternoon. Pye came back to me 12 years ago and, after sorting out a few issues, he became a lovely dog who was still patrolling as a security dog this time last year. He is the mad fool starring in "The attack of the fensnake" and was a good friend to Chiraze. Pye was, like all my dogs, very special, and loved shredded paper and cuddles. Only two nights ago he was trying to help pull the paper out of the sack and then doing headstands in his bed of paper. He had been having some problems losing the strength in his back legs but was on medication for the last 6months. Always bouncing at feedtime and then waiting for his rug to be put on and his goodnight biscuit. Run free and strong with Cachet and Ciel --Pye pye.