Friday, October 31, 2008

The computer decided to crash so I haven't had a chance to catch up with all the news. Friday was Midland Counties and also the day that Chamonix decided to have her puppies. Lisa was in control of the situation and I picked up Solo for his first show. Basil had a 3rd in PD and Solo a VHC. I had the honour of handling Jazz in Open Dog to his 3rd CC as Carol was not well enough to be there. In Groenendael Udall was 2nd PD, Psyche had 4th OB but Scarlet won PB and was BP, BB and BOS! Lexi had a 2nd in Malinois Junior and Cougar won OD and was BOB. Dana won Junior Bitch and Crusoe Junior Dog and BP, Deepha was BB.

By then Chamonix had had her puppies, 4 dogs and 2 bitches, and was being a very good mum.

Sunday was Sheffield GSD and Obedience, and I ended up being a stay steward and a decoy in C Scent. It was a lovely day with just an odd shower and I met up with lots of friends. Cello had his obedience class on wednesday and really enjoyed it, he especially likes the scent--you get lots of cheese in that one.

News from Janet Weller that Tainn has passed her Bronze Good Citizen and will be working towards her Silver now.

Lexi came to stay for a few days and then Bristle arrived for a week whilst Wendy is competing with Scout in Holland. He has been a good boy and been to two different ringcraft classes, shopping and generally out and about. Exciting news that Celine has come in season at last and hopefully I will be mating her to Zippy very soon. Zippy is Ciels ' brother and will be 12 in February, so fingers crossed we can get a couple of puppies as he hasn't sired a litter before. He has clear eyes and hips as does she.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I took Cello to obedience on Wednesday, only his 2nd class, and he seems to be picking things up really quickly. The weather was foul so we trained indoors. He was a good boy and didn't mind being outnumbered by clever collies and a very lovely Beardie called Maggie. We did recalls, heelwork and Audrey started him off on the basics of scentwork. His tail never stopped wagging the whole time and he is very enthusiastic. The weather cheered up a bit for the weekend and I took Celine and Chatter with me, they enjoyed themselves watching a game fair from the comfort of the van.
Cheltenham show was at Malvern:-in Malinois, Bonvivant Tete a Tete was BP and BOB with a 4th in the Group. In Groenendael Bonvivant Uschia at Janallan was BP and BOB, with Bonvivant Moondust at Grizwold BOB Tervueren. Well Done all of you!! Solli went along NFC and had a great time, picking up more admirers as usual. He wasn't fazed by anything.
Today was a sort of rest day as I was tired, but I did go down to the reservoir with Celine and Vogue. We went for a nice walk first and they had a good gallop round and posed a lot for the camera. Afterwards I did some training with Vogue up and down the road, there are seldom any cars, so it was good to do some heelwork without distractions. I still can't get her interested in toys so I shall have a look round the charity shops tomorrow for something small and furry to get her interested.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saturday night Jacqui arrived with Lexi as we had to get away quite early the next day for the NBSDC Club show in Co Durham, some 3.5 hrs drive at least. Brizo and Lexi had a great time doing the wall of death round the room, over the backs of the settees and generally causing chaos. Psyche was not amused at all, especially when Lexi had tried out all the donut beds too.
Sunday morning was a very early start--the alarm went off at 3.30 and after a quick dunk in the bath I loaded the dogs up, hitched up the dog trailer and we were away by 5am.We went through some rain, sunshine and mist but the roads were fairly clear and we made good time arriving at around 8.20.
Udall had a 2nd in PDGron, Psyche a 4th in OB. It was Basils' first show and he thought it was great making loads of new friends who wanted cuddles. He bounced round the ring a bit, liked the bit where he got a chance to kiss the judge and had BPDog. I handled Jazz for Jane and Brian and he was 2nd in OD, RBD and RBoBreed. Bridgit had come down from Scotland with Tiva and had a 4th.
In Malinois Kobra won Junior dog/bitch and Lexi was 2nd. Cliche won OD/B and was RBoB, Deepha was 2nd and RBB, Cher won Veteran Bitch and was BOB and BVIBreed.Ciel was 2nd in Veteran. Brizo stood alone so was BB and BOB and was her usual bouncy self.
It was great to meet up with Laura and Bert who had brought Connor and Mistral to see me, so we had big hugs. Then Gerry and Steve arrived with Teazle, who has grown again and was her usual boisterous self.
I saw 3 of Mandrakes sons and took some photos. The sun was out and was such a contrast to last weekend. Bridgit had brought a hamper with some lovely food and Laura and Bert arrived bearing Stotties and pease pudding! Bridgit is a chiropractor and whisked me off to the car park and, as she had treated me in August and it had helped me a lot, I was overdue for a bit of torture(only joking). It certainly makes a difference and I wish she were a bit nearer. I will have to do Scottish shows more often just so I can get treated as I am too much of a coward to go to anyone else. After that, once we had loaded some very tired dogs, we had a picnic in the carpark before the long drive home.
The dogs have been asleep all day (Monday), (all except Ciel who was convinced that she was going somewhere today), and I hadn't any energy to do very much either and slept quite a bit too. I must do some training tomorrow with Vogue and Cello ready for Wednesday. Cello seems to be getting the hang of it now and looks forward to it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I was most impressed with Bristle today who was doing some very good control work whilst other dogs were working at agility round him. He is getting to be a big lad now and has far more coat this week.
Chatter and Celine joined in a lesson and were ok despite some selected deafness.
Lessons over and it was playtime for Tadpole the Buhund and Bristle---it was always going to be payback time and it was quite spectacular--I can't quite believe though that a year on from now Tadpole will be in the lead.

It was a beautiful sunny morning and the dogs had a great time down the field. It was enough for Pye to shed his eleven years and become a puppy again, he spotted a dreaded Fensnake lurking in the grass, pounced and tossed it in the air. It fought back and he had to wrestle with until it gave in ! Once it had given in for about the third time it turned into a hoover hose and he was satisfied he had despatched it.
This afternoon we had been lucky enough to have secured a place with Audrey Johnston for Obedience classes and I took Vogue and Cello. Training methods have changed considerably since I started over 20 yrs ago and it was refreshing to watch talented dogs and handlers working happily in the sunshine. Cello is ready for a career change and I realised that, with his 7th birthday looming, we had better do something quickly. Just to prove that an older dog can soon learn some new tricks, he thoroughly enjoyed himself, after the initial shock of all those Border Collies whizzing about. His eyes were on stalks for a while but, when he was asked to try a few exercises (and yummy treats) well, what could a boy do but give it a go.
Vogue soon got the hang of offering behaviour as food was involved, but we have to try and get more toy orientated. We have a lot of homework, mostly on my behalf, but two tired dogs seemed to have a good time, as did I.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sunday was the BSDA Open Show at the Dobermann centre near Welwyn Garden . The weather was abominable with rain and wind. The journey took a lot longer than usual due to the spray on the motorway. It was always going to be a crazy day as I had entered all four varieties plus the Obedience and GCits. Udall won his class and was BPDogGron. Psyche had a 3rd in OBGron. Tia had a 3rd in LB Tervueren. Cliche was BD and BOB Malinois, Cesar BVet Dog & BVin Breed. Lexi won JB,Calla won PGB and Ciel BVetBitch and BB. Deepha was RBB and 3rd in Pre-Beginners obedience..Roco (Cliche son)was BPMalinois (well done Christianne)and went on to BPinShow! Cesar enjoyed his day out and won Pre-Beginners obedience, 2nd in Beginners and gained his Bronze GCits.Calla got her Bronze GCits as well, Well Done David. Brizo was BB Laekenois and then went on to Best In Show !!!! apparently my face was a picture as I was so surprised.
It didn't really sink in until the journey home by which time I was so tired and cold that I had to pull over and catch some zzzzzs. It has taken me two days to recover so apologies for not putting the news up straight away. The dogs were tired too and have spent most of the time asleep. Thanks to all our friends who braved the weather, Kim for the wonderful cakes, and everyone who held on to dogs as I dashed in and out of classes, also of course to the judges who thought so highly of my dogs :)).
A son of Bruine, Delark Wizards' Omen was BP Tervueren.
NBSDC show next weekend, this time up in Co Durham so an early start again--just hope the weather is kinder and not so cold. Basil, a Bruine son, has his first show there, so looking forward to that.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The weather has turned really cold at night now and we had rain again today. Such a difference to the weekend and here are a couple of sunny pictures of Bonvivant dogs out and about. Bonvivant Tete a Tete had his first show at Stafford & District and had a 3rd in AVNSC Puppy. Bonvivant Sorciere won the Junior class and was Best AVNSC !

Solli the Laekenois went to the Autumn show at Malvern and stirred up a lot of interest on the Belgian Shepherd booth. He had a great day making lots of new friends. His brother Antar went to a Country show at Losely Farm and took everything in his stride. Sister, Bree, in Wales has been to a compaion show and had a 3rd in the Puppy class.