Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I took Cello to obedience on Wednesday, only his 2nd class, and he seems to be picking things up really quickly. The weather was foul so we trained indoors. He was a good boy and didn't mind being outnumbered by clever collies and a very lovely Beardie called Maggie. We did recalls, heelwork and Audrey started him off on the basics of scentwork. His tail never stopped wagging the whole time and he is very enthusiastic. The weather cheered up a bit for the weekend and I took Celine and Chatter with me, they enjoyed themselves watching a game fair from the comfort of the van.
Cheltenham show was at Malvern:-in Malinois, Bonvivant Tete a Tete was BP and BOB with a 4th in the Group. In Groenendael Bonvivant Uschia at Janallan was BP and BOB, with Bonvivant Moondust at Grizwold BOB Tervueren. Well Done all of you!! Solli went along NFC and had a great time, picking up more admirers as usual. He wasn't fazed by anything.
Today was a sort of rest day as I was tired, but I did go down to the reservoir with Celine and Vogue. We went for a nice walk first and they had a good gallop round and posed a lot for the camera. Afterwards I did some training with Vogue up and down the road, there are seldom any cars, so it was good to do some heelwork without distractions. I still can't get her interested in toys so I shall have a look round the charity shops tomorrow for something small and furry to get her interested.

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