Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Saturday night Jacqui arrived with Lexi as we had to get away quite early the next day for the NBSDC Club show in Co Durham, some 3.5 hrs drive at least. Brizo and Lexi had a great time doing the wall of death round the room, over the backs of the settees and generally causing chaos. Psyche was not amused at all, especially when Lexi had tried out all the donut beds too.
Sunday morning was a very early start--the alarm went off at 3.30 and after a quick dunk in the bath I loaded the dogs up, hitched up the dog trailer and we were away by 5am.We went through some rain, sunshine and mist but the roads were fairly clear and we made good time arriving at around 8.20.
Udall had a 2nd in PDGron, Psyche a 4th in OB. It was Basils' first show and he thought it was great making loads of new friends who wanted cuddles. He bounced round the ring a bit, liked the bit where he got a chance to kiss the judge and had BPDog. I handled Jazz for Jane and Brian and he was 2nd in OD, RBD and RBoBreed. Bridgit had come down from Scotland with Tiva and had a 4th.
In Malinois Kobra won Junior dog/bitch and Lexi was 2nd. Cliche won OD/B and was RBoB, Deepha was 2nd and RBB, Cher won Veteran Bitch and was BOB and BVIBreed.Ciel was 2nd in Veteran. Brizo stood alone so was BB and BOB and was her usual bouncy self.
It was great to meet up with Laura and Bert who had brought Connor and Mistral to see me, so we had big hugs. Then Gerry and Steve arrived with Teazle, who has grown again and was her usual boisterous self.
I saw 3 of Mandrakes sons and took some photos. The sun was out and was such a contrast to last weekend. Bridgit had brought a hamper with some lovely food and Laura and Bert arrived bearing Stotties and pease pudding! Bridgit is a chiropractor and whisked me off to the car park and, as she had treated me in August and it had helped me a lot, I was overdue for a bit of torture(only joking). It certainly makes a difference and I wish she were a bit nearer. I will have to do Scottish shows more often just so I can get treated as I am too much of a coward to go to anyone else. After that, once we had loaded some very tired dogs, we had a picnic in the carpark before the long drive home.
The dogs have been asleep all day (Monday), (all except Ciel who was convinced that she was going somewhere today), and I hadn't any energy to do very much either and slept quite a bit too. I must do some training tomorrow with Vogue and Cello ready for Wednesday. Cello seems to be getting the hang of it now and looks forward to it.

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