Thursday, February 26, 2009

It has been an hectic few days with some really good results coming in. Grace with Kiah have won out into Grade 3 in agility.Brilliant news and I am sure they will be flying up the classes this year.
In Guernsey Sue with her Laekenois Venus went to their first show and won Best AVNSC puppy, Best AV Puppy, the Memorial Puppy Stakes and then went on to win the Pastoral Puppy Group ending up 4th Best Puppy in Show!!!!!!! Wow that's not bad for a first outing.
Speedy had two days out with Brizo up at Newark on a crash course in socialization, his brother, Hippo, went up on Sunday too.They took it all in their stride. Speedy went to ringcraft on Monday night with his cousin Sam and was very well behaved, although he did keep looking for the CSJ tradestand as he had enjoyed raiding the open bags at the weekend.
Monday I took Ciel up to the vets again as she has what he thinks may be a tumour this time--fingers crossed it will just be a cyst again but he wasn't too hopeful. More antibiotics and I am going to try the Bedwig Flax oil and cottage cheese remedy, it has had success in many cases and boosts the cells of the body into regenerating properly. There are some very interesting articles that my sister sent me from the internet concerning cancer treatment.
Ciel,Zippy and Pye were 12 yrs old on Friday, where did the time go? Pye had a new bed for his birthday and liked it so much he shredded it! well he now has a very big comfy bed of stuffing and looking very pleased with himself. :((
Today the Tervueren pups went for their first innoculations and were very well behaved and travelled quietly.
Chilis' pups have been exploring the indoor kennel run and playing. I must find time to take some more photos !
Rodes has managed to wangle his way indoors and can be found on the settee watching the Horse & Country or Eden channel.
Martin arrives tomorrow night with Femme who is staying here for a while to have her litter which is due the week after Crufts.
Crufts is only next week !!!!! So much to do before then--everydog seems to have decided to shed their coats this week and most look like moulting camels! Udall and Basil have had a whale of a time playing in the paddocks, and, despite the ground drying up quite well, have managed to find enough mud to wallow in.
Asta is still waiting for her puppies--Christine has been up every night since Friday(her due date) but still no pups. Two trips to the vets and he says all is well, they are just not ready to come yet. Hopefully we will get some good news soon.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chilis' puppies are playing now and growing really well, even venturing out of the bed area into the run.
Hippo and Speedy have enjoyed playing together and today we went down the bottom of the field where they found the lake! They had great fun chasing each other through the water and racing after the big dogs. I took Hippo to ringcraft tonight and, after his initial shock of all those people and dogs, he made friends with some pugs, beardies and a tiny Chihuahua which was walking around on the table.
News from Baz that Devo passed his test today and is now a fully operational Police Dog.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Saturday was W&PBreeds Open show where Lexi was BOB, Dana RBOB and Crusoe BP.
Soli was Best Rare Breed Puppy and won the Puppy Stakes.
Well done to you all.
The weather has warmed up at last and hopefully the runs will have dried up sufficiently tomorrow to put some dogs out without them coming back plastered in mud.
Hippo has come to stay for a few days so I hope to get some pictures of him and Speedy playing in the field too.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A cold bright morning with some snow on the ground so out I went to take more pictures. Far too many to put on here but I will put some on the photos gradually.Here are some of Bruine, Chino and Cesar. They all had a great time of course but my feet were frozen.
The weather has turned nasty tonight and it has rained continuously so now the yard is underwater with ice underneath, lovely. Now it is trying to snow!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Remy had a new football for Christmas from Lisa and Chris and I hadn't got round to opening it for him. Today seemed like a good day and gave me another excuse to go out with the new camera. Vogue came too and we set up a little long jump with wings as well to get them flying through the air--not that Remy needed any excuse. As you can see he was well pleased with his new ball and hardly put it down.
Snow fell again tonight so more snowypic opportunities in the morning perhaps :))

Speedy goes ice skating

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Pictured above are Crusoe(left) and Dana(right) who were at Newark today. Crusoe was BOB and BP and Dana had a 2nd to him with Sam 3rd. Nice to see Lucy and Angie and catch up with what they had all been up to.
I saw two of Cougars' puppies to Rio (Golldmali Believe) and they had very nice type and lovely bone.
I had just enough time when I got home to take the dogs down the field and exercise my new camera . I was really pleased with the results despite the low light. The sun was going down fast but I managed to get some great shots of the posers, Celine and Lexi as well as a couple of Speedy who is not quite sure about all this snow but wants to keep up with his friends.

My camera came at last! but not until it was too dark to take photos in the field, so Celine and I went out to do some posing in front of one of our spectacular fenland sunsets. Not bad I didn't think as it was almost dark out there. As you can see the road has really improved for a good covering of slushy snow on top of the mud!
One of those days fetching in bedding and supplies for the guinea pigs ,dogs and humans, which took quite some time as it was snowing quite hard this morning. Took Mum some shopping and was pleased to see a lot of swelling had gone down, but she does have two lovely black eyes.
Rhodes has been borrowing one of Yorns rugs, but has modified it somewhat with ventilation holes and shortened velcro straps. I was going to buy him his very own purple and silver one but I think I'll wait until he grows up a bit! Hopefully he won't need it for long---surely we must get some milder weather soon?
Speedy has been leaping around with his tennis ball today and got in a bit of bother with Celine when he landed on her from a flying leap, but it didn't seem to bother him much. I just hope someone comes for him soon as he is "made" for fast sports! and needs to be getting lots of training.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

The snow arrived with a vengeance this morning but has been steadily thawing out all day to leave more slippery mud. The dogs had a good time in it first thing and Cougar enjoyed a snowball fight. More forecast but we have been lucky here so far it hasn't been as heavy as in other parts of Lincolnshire.
No camera still but I did take some pics on my mobile, just have to find the lead now to download them!!!
This is Devo, a young dog that Zim has part trained and placed with Wiltshire Police. His handler Baz says he is brilliant and will pass out on the 9th of February. A fantastic result!
I spent Tuesday afternoon at A&E as my Mum slipped on some ice and nose-dived onto the concrete. Her face is a mess and she came to stay that evening so I could keep an eye on her just in case of concussion. The dogs thought it was great as they got to cuddle up on the z-bed until I barricaded her in it! By the morning she had two black eyes ! My Uncle came down to stay with her so they returned to her house yesterday, just in time for the snow to close in. (The dogs were most disappointed when I packed the Z-bed away!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Well the snow was here but my camera didn't arrive so, fortunately Chris went out and shot some photos of Chase and Solo and sent them to me.The snow fell all day but it was very fine and has started to thaw tonight so here we are again with---mud! and slush.Celine spent a lot of time watching the birds on the feeder from the comfort of the settee whilst the others lounged around as near the fire as possible.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The weather has closed in and we had some heavy snow flurries which settled. The dogs all think it hilarious and Cougar sat out on his run to enjoy it. The temperature plummeted tonight with the promised cold wind making the ground like an ice rink. All the water taps are frozen which means all the water has to come up from the house. Even the water coming in had slowed as we have some exposed water pipes outside--quickly covered up with vetbeds.

Some news today from Guernsey where Venus, a Brizo/Cougar daughter passed her Bronze Good Citizens today. She has her first show in a few weeks time (they don't have many).

Indi was back at Search and Rescue training today and Karin rang to say how proud she was as he found all four articles(items of clothing) and the Dolly! Apparently, once he realised what was expected of him, he put on his serious head and worked really hard. A lot of my friends abroad do S&R training and I have already had a Tervueren put through the training successfully so I am really pleased that Karin is giving it a go. Indi is on an induction course initially so I hope that he will one day be a fully trained S&R dog.

I had mysterious calls and emails tonight about my being seen on BBC1, and, as I knew that David Attenborough was on at the time I thought this pretty strange --but it was true. I had dished up dinner and, although the programme was on, wasn't actually watching it so had missed the dogs at Richmond last year in the Breeder Stakes Finals. I watched it on Iplayer later and there they were--being watched by Sir David himself! (the lady next to him was putting her make-up on and totally oblivious to the fact that he was stood next to her).I spoke to Martin who reminded me that he had told me that day that Sir David was filming there for something, and I had commented that, of all the famous people, he was the one I would so like to meet. So near......... strangely enough we used to live next door to a lovely retired couple when I was a child and she had been Nanny to David and Richard Attenborough.Later, in conversation with Betty Duffus, she told me how, during the war, as a land girl, she gave a small boy a lift on her tractor, who turned out to be David Attenborough!

Martin was having fun with Antar tonight as he thought it such fun to play out in 4 inches of snow, and had been having snowball fights with Martin, that he wouldn't come in!

More snow forecast for tomorrow so I think the dogs will have some fun. The bad news is that I have broken my camera --just when I will need it!!!! Good news is there is one on its way, just hope they can deliver it asap! It's like having a limb removed for me and very rarely am I without it. You never know when you will see that shot--and I bet I'll see loads of missed opportunities in the meantime :(