Thursday, February 26, 2009

It has been an hectic few days with some really good results coming in. Grace with Kiah have won out into Grade 3 in agility.Brilliant news and I am sure they will be flying up the classes this year.
In Guernsey Sue with her Laekenois Venus went to their first show and won Best AVNSC puppy, Best AV Puppy, the Memorial Puppy Stakes and then went on to win the Pastoral Puppy Group ending up 4th Best Puppy in Show!!!!!!! Wow that's not bad for a first outing.
Speedy had two days out with Brizo up at Newark on a crash course in socialization, his brother, Hippo, went up on Sunday too.They took it all in their stride. Speedy went to ringcraft on Monday night with his cousin Sam and was very well behaved, although he did keep looking for the CSJ tradestand as he had enjoyed raiding the open bags at the weekend.
Monday I took Ciel up to the vets again as she has what he thinks may be a tumour this time--fingers crossed it will just be a cyst again but he wasn't too hopeful. More antibiotics and I am going to try the Bedwig Flax oil and cottage cheese remedy, it has had success in many cases and boosts the cells of the body into regenerating properly. There are some very interesting articles that my sister sent me from the internet concerning cancer treatment.
Ciel,Zippy and Pye were 12 yrs old on Friday, where did the time go? Pye had a new bed for his birthday and liked it so much he shredded it! well he now has a very big comfy bed of stuffing and looking very pleased with himself. :((
Today the Tervueren pups went for their first innoculations and were very well behaved and travelled quietly.
Chilis' pups have been exploring the indoor kennel run and playing. I must find time to take some more photos !
Rodes has managed to wangle his way indoors and can be found on the settee watching the Horse & Country or Eden channel.
Martin arrives tomorrow night with Femme who is staying here for a while to have her litter which is due the week after Crufts.
Crufts is only next week !!!!! So much to do before then--everydog seems to have decided to shed their coats this week and most look like moulting camels! Udall and Basil have had a whale of a time playing in the paddocks, and, despite the ground drying up quite well, have managed to find enough mud to wallow in.
Asta is still waiting for her puppies--Christine has been up every night since Friday(her due date) but still no pups. Two trips to the vets and he says all is well, they are just not ready to come yet. Hopefully we will get some good news soon.

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