Monday, March 2, 2009

Another busy week--Christine sent me a photo of Asta with her new puppies, they had us all worried as she went almost a week over her due date but all was well. 2 dogs and 5 bitches and Asta is in her element.Here is Solli out on his walk looking very handsome--he will be at Crufts Saturday and Sunday as he is doing the Discover Dogs stand and then showing along with his brother Bristle and his sister Vogue. Unfortunately the classification was dreadful and the pups could only be entered in Open classes as they were too young for the Special Yearling class due to them being under 12months old at the show. Never mind, hopefully it will be better next year and we will have another crop of Laekenois out then (fingers crossed). Femme has come to stay for her impending litter, but isn't showing much yet with two weeks to go. She soon settled into our routine and is very well behaved. Saturday was Cellos' training day at Audreys' and he loved it, he is such a good dog and didn't put a paw wrong. His main handicap is his handler but at 7yrs old this was the career change he needed. We usually have 2.5 hr lessons and by lunchtime he was ready for a nap, batteries recharged he did really well in the afternoon until it got to about 4pm when he began to look a bit worried that we weren't going to go home. He had a couple of cups of coffee and a cup of tea (well dregs really from my cup) which gave him a buzz. He did heelwork, recalls,retrieve, scent and his first attempt at Distance Control. He soon got the gist of that and I think he charmed most of the ladies there. They all seemed surprised how friendly he was even when he was doing his MaliClacks for the treats! He was quite full of cheese and chicken and slept all the way home. Sunday was another day for Speedy to go to Newark and there was a shooting show on so lots of noise which echoed round the showground--it didn't seem to bother him at all. He was more interested in raiding the trade stand for some puppy food again!!! He had travelled in the top bunk of the LandRover this time and was very good and quiet. He has had his first experience of a kennel today and is currently crashed out upside down indoors as it must have been all the fresh air which wore him out. Hopefully I shall have some exciting news of a new arrival to Bonvivant in a couple of days :))

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