Tuesday, March 3, 2009

This is Solo who has found himself homeless due to no fault of his own. His owner has been taken ill and, although his GSD companion has found a home, Solo needs one urgently. Solo is a mismarked Groenendael as you can see from his tan markings(probably the result of inter-variety mating) and I have seen this before. He is around 10 yrs old and was originally a BSDA Rescue dog and, sadly, now is one again. He doesn't like small dogs, so we guess cats are not a good idea either. He needs someone of his own who will take him for a potter about and then he can snooze his last few years away in front of the fire. Since he has been at the kennels he is certainly more lively and doesn't seem as stiff, but I don't think he had had much exercise of late due to his owners ill-health. I went to see him yesterday and he jumped up smiling for a big fuss. If you know anyone who might be suitable for him please contact BSDA Rescue (it is on the BSDA site or on Belsharose website), failing that contact me and I will give you more details of how to adopt this lovely old chap.

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