Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is Termite who has come all the way from America to join us here at Bonvivant. She is a sweet natured bitch bred in Belgium at the Schranshoeve kennel and is by Brizos' brother. Termite has spent four years on a Ranch and has never been shown so whether she will take to it we can but see. Hopefully she will be useful in my breeding programme but, due to the paperwork still not arriving and her coming in season straight away, we will have to wait to breed from her on her next season. She seems very happy to be with all the Belgians and Brizo has taken her under her wing. Thankyou Lou Anne for sending her over to me.
A busy day Sunday as I am meeting Jo, Tony, Karen and Richard with Zippy, Eva and Zippo (formerly Hippo) up at Newark and Speedy is coming for the ride. Hopefully I will get some pictures of the four puppies together.
Gerry and Steve are arriving and staying for the week ! Really looking forward to it and hopefully we shall get some training done. I just hope the fine weather continues as it has been yet another glorious day, almost like Spring!

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