Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bonvivant Arc en Ciel 1CC 3RCC

As many of you know I was hoping for some miracle to happen and that Ciels' swollen leg was just a temporary blip, it wasn't to be. After recovering so well from major surgery at Christmas cancer reared its' head. Her illness was on my mind all through the Crufts weekend and today I had to make the final decision.
Ciel was a dog in a million, daughter of Cachet in my first Malinois litter and there was never any doubt that I would keep her. She was not the easiest of dogs, having a wicked sense of humour, which made showing her as a youngster an unpredictable nightmare; when you thought she would behave she didn't and vice versa. After a couple of years out of the showring she decided that showing was the only thing for her and did me proud even up to last year. Ciel had a RCC under Mme Heraly when we were all four varieties in the ring, and then went on to win numerous BOBs, and 2 further RCCs in 2006 and 2007, aged 9 and 10, crowning it all at the age of 11 with a CC at Richmond last year. Forever young, Ciel had BVeteran In Shows and showed and looked like a two year old.
I mated her three times, once to Ianys du Mas des Lavande in France (where this picture was taken) and twice in this country but, sadly, she never had puppies. Her sister became a Champion and producer in Australia and had a few litters.
Ciel was always feisty with the other bitches in the kennel but never dared to answer her mother back. She was devoted to me and even on her last morning came for a big fuss and watched me to the last.
I held her in my hands when she was born and in my arms as she died, and she will live forever in my heart. She was the brightest Rainbow in my sky and lies with her mother here at home.

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