Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Some bad news today--Ciel has a swollen leg and, after having such a successful recovery from her operation, it seems she may not be with us much longer. Her leg did swell after the op but this was a common reaction due to the site of the op. It passed after a few days. She has been so active since and very sound that I was even considering which shows she could come to this year. I took her for a walk round this morning in the hope that the movement might reduce the swelling. Fingers crossed that this is just a blip.

This picture is from one of my favourite artists, Khaosdog, and I have added her site to my links. This one is called Calling the Lost Souls.I have also added another of my favourites, Delrio,Angela and Bobby in Richmond, Virginia. Bobby is a photographer and it is always good to see what he has been up--and they have Malinois ! Just a couple of links to cheer me up.

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