Friday, March 20, 2009

The weather today has been lovely and has meant that I could catch up on some serious grooming. The yard is now fur lined and I think I have more hair on my head than when I started! The puppies have had a busy day with the Tervueren puppies having a day in one of the paddocks. I dread to think how much grass and mud they may have consumed-but that is puppies for you.

This is Max, who went to live with Marie and her husband in Diss today. I hope they have a good nights sleep--although I should think he is very tired after his busy day and adventures.
Marie tells me that he discovered there were other dogs just like him in the mirror and the oven door!
This morning we had a visit from Samantha and her husband with two Hawksflight dogs.The nice thing about dogs is that you meet some really lovely people who love Belgians, and don't care whether they get mugged and covered in dog hair either !!!
The fresh air has got to all the dogs today and they are settled down for the night, Rodes and Speedy are asleep on the settee by the log fire and Brizo, Celine, Psyche and Termite are loyally up this end of the room by me--well they are curled up on the chairs asleep.
I shall update you tomorrow on Termite--when I can get a decent photo of her !!!!!

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