Saturday, January 31, 2009

It has been a bright, sunny day but with a biting cold wind. After doing some shopping down the farm shop I stopped up the road and took Cesar, Celine and Chatter for a walk up the setaside. they had a great time, deciding to have a game on the plough and jump over the small dykes for the fun of it. We didn't stay out long as the wind was blasting over the fen but at least they had a chance to let off a bit of steam and we were all quite glad to get back to the van. All the dogs are fed up with the mud and can't go out in the runs until it dries off and a run in the field is no comparison to their normal exercise regime.

The temperature is dropping fast tonight with snow forecast from tomorrow (they will like that--it makes them dafter than usual!)

I think I will rename the house South Ings Swamp before much longer and we have more mud indoors than out at the moment.

I am trying the new heat panel out in Chilis' kennel and she is very toastie in there-not wanting to come out at all. The pups seem warm and content anyway and a final check and I couldn't find any rear dewclaws-which is a bonus.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

News Flash!!!
Just when I thought it was safe to go back to my Duvet Chili decided to start whelping. I had convinced myself that she wouldn't do anything for a couple of days and was halfway through feeding the dogs when I was sure I heard something different--sure enough Chili had had her first puppy and, it being her first litter, had decided the aliens had landed ! After the next two puppies she settled down a bit. Now those that know Chili would never think of her as being particularly fussy, but she is one of the cleanest bitches I have seen, not content until every trace of the births was cleaned away and her puppies sparkling clean. So 3 bitches and 2 dogs later she then ate a hearty dinner, had a good drink of PowWow (brilliant stuff) and settled down with her new brood. I used the usual heatlamp, which was fine for her and the pups, but I was frozen on the other side of the box. Today we have fitted a new type of heat panel which, it says, will heat a small room and, somehow, targets bodies and keeps them warm--ideal if a litter sleeps scattered away from the bitch. I have rented it for a few weeks to give it a try as they are very expensive to buy but are supposed to use far less electric than conventional heaters. Thankyou Karin for keeping me company through the night on the phone, I knew you would be happy your puppy had been born, and one can feel very isolated by 3 in the morning Lol!!! Not everyone wants a text at that time to say that you are whelping a bitch and could do with a chat.
For those of you who are having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the Tervueren pups here are a few pics. They have such lovely little characters now and you can no longer creep in without them being awake in an instant and clamouring at the door to come out and have cuddles. You cannot even fool them by pretending to go out and sitting quietly--they have antenna, or maybe X-Ray vision. So the consequence of this is that you do not have any pictures of them all fast asleep on their vet-bed or playing together--I need one of Bill Oddies' hidden cameras!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

This is Speedy--still waiting for a home. He lives up to his name Bonvivant Whizzkid and is full of the joys of Spring.
Another miserably damp day today and Chili is quite happy in her kennel under the heatlamp but not showing any signs of whelping yet. I am checking her throughout the night which she thinks is a novel idea and likes the fuss.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Great news that Rusty and David came out on top yet again at the selection day for the World Champs. They were 4 seconds ahead in the agility! One more selection day before the final team is chosen.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We had an invasion of the colliewobbles on Friday with my friend Julies' dogs enjoying a run in the field. Her garden is a swamp so they enjoyed the chance for some freerunning . The old bat was with them, she is nearly 14.5 yrs now but stil does a runner when she gets the chance! Saturday was bright and fairly dry so I took Speedy and co. out in the field for a runaround.
The puppies are growing up and it is an avalanche of furries when I open their door to feed them.
Chili is due to whelp this weekend but so far has shown no sign and has been throwing her bowl and the water trough around as per usual.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rusty Olympia ABC Final 2008
Rusty (aka Bonvivant Kallisto) Belgian Shepherd Malinois Winning Run in Olympia ABC Final 2008 (including 1st ever Olympia Run Off)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

At last the photos from Olympia where Rusty and David had an amazing run to win the KC ABC Dog Agility Stakes in a cracking 34.21 seconds. David and Rusty are also on the cover of Agility Voice this month with a full write up of the event.
Brilliant! Well Done I am so proud of you both !
News from Karin with Indi (Bonvivant Obligato) that she has passed the induction for Search and Rescue and starts training today. Her partner Richard also passed with his young working Malinois. Good Luck ! and keep us posted with news and photos.
Goyahs' puppies are 4 weeks old tomorrow, which has whizzed by, they are now tucking into their puppy food and playing with their toys. We still have two Malinois puppies, Rustys' nephews, waiting for their new owners to materialise, Toro and Speedy. Their brothers and sisters are doing really well in their new homes and getting lots of attention out and about. Lisa and I have decided to split these two boys up so Speedy has come to stay with us here so that they do not get too dependant on each other and we can train them separately. Brizo thinks they are great fun and was playing nicely with them both this afternoon when they came to visit. I will try and post some photos of them on here soon--they are both nice strong puppies.
Martin arrived back from Belgium to collect Antar and Zinka after getting two good matings with Femme and Brizos' brother Yro last weekend, so fingers crossed that she will have a nice litter in March(due the week after Crufts). Anyone interested send me an email.

Monday, January 12, 2009

It was one of those weeks when I didn't get chance to get back to the computer. The weather has been so cold that the water buckets have frozen inside the kennel block! We had some snow, hard frosts and now we have rain. I thought I would put a couple of photos on of our road outside the house. We have had sprout-pickers since before Christmas and this is the result. It is really dangerous too and we have all nearly seen the inside of the dykes in the last few weeks.
As most of you know I have fed CSJ foods for over 8 years now and they kindly sponsored Boston Championship Show with Rosettes and product for all the Groups and BIS RBIS BPIS and RBPIS. Carol had her trade stand there too which wasn't without a few teething problems at first but I think she did a great job! The rosettes were made by Sarawen and were absolutely stunning as you can see, incorporating the CSJ and Boston colours.
Saturday was Pastoral day and, in Malinois, Chase(B Noblesse Oblige) was BD Cougar(Ch. B.Esprit) RBD Chatter(Ch B.Nochotte) RBB Goldmali Believe and BP was Crusoe (B.Tete a Tete).
In Tervueren Basil (Delark Witchcraft was BPDog with his sister Willow(Delark Wicked Witch) BPB,BP and BB.Well Done Terry!!! Bruine had a 2nd in LDog.
In AVNSC Solli(B.Voltaire at Grizwold) had a 2nd in PD , B. Udall had a 4th in PD and Frizzle (B.Visage) was VHC in PB. I was in the Malinois ring and missed my class with Brizo which was a shame but she had a day out.
Celine has not had any puppies which is rather disappointing but she has made the most of sleeping all day today so I am going to keep an eye on her for a few days incase there is one lurking in there somewhere. I am still not up to full speed yet but will try and get some more photos on here this week.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Goyahs' pups are now 2.5 weeks old and beginning to play with each other. Goyah is a good mum and keeps them clean and well fed. They are almost ready to start solids after this weekend.
Boston Championship show tomorrow with Malinois and Tervueren classes. I have also entered Groenendael and Laekenois in AVNSC and the rings are as far apart as they can be--should be fun!
Martin has taken Femme to Belgium today so hopefully she will have a litter the week after Crufts. Fingers crossed we should have some more Laekenois pups in the ring by the end of the year.

Friday, January 2, 2009

This has to have been one of the worst Christmas' ever. I was so looking forward to having visitors and lots of nice food and company but it all went pear shaped.
Goyah had her puppies on the 22nd starting at 3.30am and finishing with number eleven at 7.30 ! All well and healthy I then dashed off to pick up my aunt who lives in Keithley. She had a bit of a cough which then rapidly turned into flu with a chest infection--which I caught. I felt a bit rough on Christmas Eve and just didn't feel up to much which was to set the trend for the next week when I have been asleep, coughing and sneezing and only getting up to see to the dogs. Massive amounts of antibiotics and I think I am on the mend but I missed a whole week and had to cancel all my plans for get togethers and shows.
Apologies to everyone who didn't get their Christmas cards and usual phone calls. Bridgit came down from Scotland and stayed with Lisa and Chris, they even went to the beach ! and I wasn't even well enough to go visit . :((
Good news is that the website is back online !!!! Thanks Chris that's a great Christmas pressie.