Thursday, January 29, 2009

News Flash!!!
Just when I thought it was safe to go back to my Duvet Chili decided to start whelping. I had convinced myself that she wouldn't do anything for a couple of days and was halfway through feeding the dogs when I was sure I heard something different--sure enough Chili had had her first puppy and, it being her first litter, had decided the aliens had landed ! After the next two puppies she settled down a bit. Now those that know Chili would never think of her as being particularly fussy, but she is one of the cleanest bitches I have seen, not content until every trace of the births was cleaned away and her puppies sparkling clean. So 3 bitches and 2 dogs later she then ate a hearty dinner, had a good drink of PowWow (brilliant stuff) and settled down with her new brood. I used the usual heatlamp, which was fine for her and the pups, but I was frozen on the other side of the box. Today we have fitted a new type of heat panel which, it says, will heat a small room and, somehow, targets bodies and keeps them warm--ideal if a litter sleeps scattered away from the bitch. I have rented it for a few weeks to give it a try as they are very expensive to buy but are supposed to use far less electric than conventional heaters. Thankyou Karin for keeping me company through the night on the phone, I knew you would be happy your puppy had been born, and one can feel very isolated by 3 in the morning Lol!!! Not everyone wants a text at that time to say that you are whelping a bitch and could do with a chat.
For those of you who are having withdrawal symptoms from not seeing the Tervueren pups here are a few pics. They have such lovely little characters now and you can no longer creep in without them being awake in an instant and clamouring at the door to come out and have cuddles. You cannot even fool them by pretending to go out and sitting quietly--they have antenna, or maybe X-Ray vision. So the consequence of this is that you do not have any pictures of them all fast asleep on their vet-bed or playing together--I need one of Bill Oddies' hidden cameras!

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