Friday, January 2, 2009

This has to have been one of the worst Christmas' ever. I was so looking forward to having visitors and lots of nice food and company but it all went pear shaped.
Goyah had her puppies on the 22nd starting at 3.30am and finishing with number eleven at 7.30 ! All well and healthy I then dashed off to pick up my aunt who lives in Keithley. She had a bit of a cough which then rapidly turned into flu with a chest infection--which I caught. I felt a bit rough on Christmas Eve and just didn't feel up to much which was to set the trend for the next week when I have been asleep, coughing and sneezing and only getting up to see to the dogs. Massive amounts of antibiotics and I think I am on the mend but I missed a whole week and had to cancel all my plans for get togethers and shows.
Apologies to everyone who didn't get their Christmas cards and usual phone calls. Bridgit came down from Scotland and stayed with Lisa and Chris, they even went to the beach ! and I wasn't even well enough to go visit . :((
Good news is that the website is back online !!!! Thanks Chris that's a great Christmas pressie.

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