Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Saturday dawned cold, wet and windy and the journey to Birmingham was very slow as the van kept being blown sideways. The car park was running with muddy water and we were thoroughly soaked by the time we got in the halls. I had only just got the puppies in when, due to a lot of absentees in the other AVNSC classes the Pastoral Group was called. Panic was setting in as I was also showing Tervueren in another 3---well that didn't happen! I missed Bruines' class and I didn't get back over to handle Jazz--sorry Jane and Brian :((
In Puppy Dog there were 6 entries five of which were Bonvivant pups--4 Laekenois and 1 Malinois. Christines' Soli won the class with Wendys' Bristle 2nd, Angies' Mali Cruso 3rd and Martins' Antar 5th. JD Bristle 3rd , Antar 4th. PB Vogue was 3rd, JB 3rd. Brizo was 3rd in Open Bitch. All the puppies did really well and weren't phased by the noise and crowds. We had a photo shoot by the Christmas trees with Carol Ann Johnson ---you will have to make do with a pic on my camera until we get the real ones. It was a very tiring day and Bristle and Vogue chilled out while I packed the trolley. The journey home was no less eventful as it was snowing from Grantham.
I have included a picture of a frosty morning last week with Udall and Basil playing in the paddock.
Ciel is feeling a lot better and I took a pic today to show the extent of her stitches. She hates the plastic collar so I sent off for a Buster collar. Brilliant! Except that Ciel wiggled her head until she turned it round so that the shorter neck piece was under her chin and she could reach her stitches. Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth--it would sizzle and spit!! That's the price you pay for having an intelligent breed. So now she is back to not speaking to me as she has to have the awful bucket on her head which she uses to ramraid her way out of her crate ! She is feeling Much better!!!!

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