Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Well we didn't get our Sky installed after all today :(( some technical problem and the job didn't get scheduled. I had got up really early and, against my better judgement, put the house dogs up the paddocks. When I finally found out it wasn't going to happen I retrieved four chocolate dogs, and had to hose Brizo down, which she didn't appreciate. The other three were plastered and I decided to let them dry off-surely the mud would fall out? No.
Nicked this pic of Jos' mob off her blog :)) spot the odd one out.

I gave Ciel a good blast as she is moulting badly and she was leaping around like a spring chicken belying her almost 12yrs. Just to make me feel guilty, I reckon, about taking her for her op tomorrow. She thinks she is ready for a show and wanted to get in the van so I wouldn't forget her. I had to force her to go to bed tonight as she was waiting in her run all ready to go.

Trying not to worry too much but going to have a mug of Horlicks and try and get some sleep.

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