Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jo and Natalie arrived today to choose their puppies. Natalie has a Malinois type dog , Kiros, who is Grade 6 agility. Jo, of course, owns Ronny, the father of the pups, who excells in agility and Flyball. We had a lovely day and took hundreds of photos of the six puppies. The first pic is of Reno, Natalies' choice and the single pup photos are of Zippy, Jos' choice (or did they just choose their new owners anyway?) . Zippy decided to get his ears up today in honour of the occasion. His female "twin" was chosen by Richard on Saturday and, as yet, hasn't been named by him. They are going to have lots of fun and were keen to show how they liked to play tuggy with the new toys Natalie had brought them. Three pups still to find ideal active homes. This is the "W" litter so we are having fun choosing fast names! Hard to believe they will be ready to leave home in a couple of weeks although Reno will be staying until after Christmas now.
Hopefully we have a Sky box arriving tomorrow so we won't miss any of Olympia agility this year and any dog show and Discover Dogs coverage on the Horse and Country channel !!
The weather has degenerated to rain again and the mud is mostly on the dogs and in the house yet again--I preferred the hard frosts !

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Auntie Jane said...

Just thought I'd pop in and check out your blog having found the URL on our Newbies list. Love all your photos of the dogs and puppies.