Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ciel is home after a 2 hour operation and has had a strip down one side and a lump removed from her side. She seems much brighter than the last time she had an anaesthetic and is asleep by the fire. The good news is that she had cysts under her teats not tumours so, hopefully, she is on the mend. She ate some chicken for her dinner with her usual gusto but was not impressed when I put her Bucket on and refused to lie down so I shall keep an eye on her overnight as she tried to have a tug at one of her stitches. Stitches out in 10 days time so fingers crossed she will keep them in as she looks like a patchwork quilt underneath and has shaved bits too.

Thanks to everyone who has phoned or sent messages to see how she is doing.
I didn't want to go home just incase the vets rang me so I met Wendy and went back to see Bristle and have a cup of coffee. Celine and Chatter had a great time "helping" to move agility equipment (well they raced through tunnels as we were moving them and kept nipping over jumps and through tyres for the fun of it). They have missed their lessons so hopefully we will get some more in after Christmas. Celine can go just to do a few low jumps and weaves until nearer her whelping date as she needs to keep toned up. Thanks Wendy it was good to take my mind off Ciel for a few hours until I could go and collect her.
Bristle comes to stay tomorrow ready for LKA on Saturday . Christine emailed to say that Soli has passed his GoodCits Bronze too!! Well Done!!
Dana, Bonvivant Sorciere, won the Christmas Match at her club in Stafford. Brilliant stuff.

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Auntie Jane said...

Glad everything has tured out OK for Ciel. Hope she doesn't pull her stitches out.

I have my new blog at Blogger... may be that's why I can leave messages. The little menu below this comment (before I click on send) gives me the option of my Goggle/Blogger ID or Open ID. I am sure these places generally have Anonymous to, but not here.