Sunday, December 7, 2008

I don't know where this last week has gone but it has been very busy. Cello had his last obedience lesson before Christmas which was combined with some lovely cakes and savouries which we both enjoyed. Audrey was very pleased with Cellos' progress and I must admit to being very proud of how he has learn't so much in 6 weeks. The good news is we have a couple of classes after Christmas too and have booked on some Training Days next year too. I was all set for Vogue to try her paws at the GCits Bronze on Thursday but went shopping with Mum in the afternoon and somehow managed to drop my purse in a very dark Asda car park. I then had to cancel my cards and cheque book and report my drivers license missing too by which time we were late. Then, amazingly, I got a call to say someone had found it! so then had to drive half an hour towards Skegness to pick it up. What a relief, but of course all my cards are now cancelled so that has made things rather awkward. We never did make it to training class :((
News from Guernsey that Venus has passed her puppy course and is booked into her GCits course soon.
Ciel took a trip to the vets on Friday as she has a mammary tumour which I think is starting to bother her.Because of her reaction to the anaesthetics when she was spayed earlier this year(pyometria just starting) my vet has been very reluctant to remove it before now--but it is a bit bigger. This is really the last chance to remove it or it will kill her anyway so we have not much choice either way. I decided we shall risk it so Wednesday will be her op day (please send her as many healing thoughts as you can spare).
The weather has been wet, cold, wetter and colder which makes the regular kennel chores take even longer. Webbed feet are now not just an optional extra and all visitors must come suitably attired in wellies. Saturday we had visitors to see the puppies so, after Chatter and Celine had mugged them, we went over to Lisa and Chris' house and the pups had a great time charging about practising their agility over my legs and trying to remove toes, keys and trousers. Jo and Natalie arrive tomorrow to choose their pups so I shall get armed with my camera. They are 6 weeks old now, where has the time gone? Such a shame the weather has been so awful as I like to get them out in the fresh air. Blame Chamonix for being 2 months late coming in season !! We still have 3 available pups which seems unbelievable as we originally had at least 10 bookings for this combination, but the credit crunch has affected so many people.
I am hoping all will be ok for Saturday, I have a Ciel sitter lined up ready, as it is LKA and we have 7 of Brizos' litter entered in AVNSC Pastoral along with Brizo--bit much to hope that they may all qualify but we'll give it a shot :))

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