Thursday, November 27, 2008

I've not had a chance to write up the blog this week as it has been so busy. We had a smattering of snow one day which the dogs thought was great fun but of course it made the mud worse once it melted. Basil and Udall spend most of their time pulling each other upside down through the muddiest bits and come in plastered--not that they care! Cello went to his obedience and is really getting the hang of it-his favourite is his dumbell and he is putting the present and holding the bell together nicely. He is beginning to get a steady position in his heelwork too so we can start to bring him in closer soon. I took Vogue up to Obedience on Thursday night and was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to work despite not having been there before. Bad news is we have a GCits next week and we haven't mastered the stay yet !!!! Martin came up for the weekend as we had an eye testing session at Newark on Saturday and had booked hip scoring on Monday at my vets. Femme had a clear eye test and the plates looked good too. Chili and Tier had hip scoring too and both looked good. Chili is Rustys' sister and I am hoping to mate her to Cliche, so hopefully the pups would be good for agility homes. Chamonixs' puppies are looking very good and I have put a couple of 3 weeks and 4 day photos on here but there are some up to date ones on the Witherbark gallery, which you can access from the links at the bottom of this blog. I went over tonight to do nails and worming again and spent ages just having cuddles and Malikisses. Their personalities are staring to emerge now and they have waggy tails. Chamonix spent most of her time with a smile on her face,a very proud Mum.I will try and put some up to date pics on asap of the pups. News from Yvonne from Wales and Brye (a Brizo pup) passd the GCits Bronze test. Brilliant!! (we must sort the stays out for next week Vogue). Christine took Soli to an Open show and was 2nd in AVNSC Puppy and had a 2nd in the Puppy Stakes too under Ann Arch, Well Done!

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