Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jo came up today to see the puppies. Chamonix was very proud of them and let Jo pick them up for a cuddle. They had their first solid meal today and tucked in well.
We took Ronnie, Keisha,Kody,Keisha, Pudsey and Vogue up the field and they played in the new lake. Keisha decided to beat up Pudsey whilst the others looked on.
It was lovely to see how they are all maturing. Ronnie has a flyball competition at Newark on Saturday so I am hoping to go and watch---but I shall be buying some earplugs this time as it is indoors!
The weather has been so wet and miserable for the last few days and the wind is so cold. It speaks of fine weather tomorrow and then MORE rain. The yard is still a quagmire as are the paddocks so the dogs are fed up not being able to stay out for long.

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