Monday, March 31, 2008

Psyches' puppies are 3weeks old today and here are a couple of pics---they are really hard to photograph!! They are very quick to notice what is going on around them now and I shall move them down to the puppy room tomorrow to give them lots of space to explore, and new toys to play with. I don't think Psyche will approve of her new abode as she likes sleeping with me at night, keeping an ear out for the pups, but enjoying a welcome break.

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day for a change and we went off to Retford show at Newark with breed classes under Judge Betty Peach.

Remy was BP Tervueren and Bruine was Best of Breed. In Malinois it was a family outing with four puppies from the "S" litter, their father Cougar and auntie Deepha. B.Symbolique (Lexi) was BP and beat her father in the Challenge for Best of Breed ! She then went on to win the Pastoral Puppy Group and was 3rd BPIS !

Her sister B.Sorciere(Dana) won the Minor Puppy Stakes and brother B.Sauvignon (Kobra) was 4th in the Memorial Puppy Stakes.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

More lovely puppy pictures; Stellar reminds me so much of Cachet, her grandmother, who was a totally devoted mother and loved her pups even after they had left home.
I had been to the vets again this morning, this time with Chablis, Stellars' mum, as she has had an haematoma in her ear. Fortunately it seems to be going down and so she didn't require an operation.
I decided tonight to see if Psyches' pups would take any interest in solid food. I soaked some starter with diluted carnation milk and put it down for them---they were in it straight away and soon polished it off! They are only two and a half weeks old and are as forward as my Malinois pups usually are; I haven't found the Tervueren to be so ready to take solids at this age.

The latest puppy pics are here! We have ball drive! I can't wait until next week when I go down to see the pups, they are looking great. Christianne tells me that they are into everything and are wanting to go out and explore the garden, she has had to erect two child gates now to keep them contained. It is always difficult at this time of year to get them used to the outside world but they have been playing on the patio. Let's hope we get a few good days weather next week so they can go out and hone their gardening skills before they go to their new homes.

I went to see Bruines' litter of Tervueren to Ch.Delark Maggie May yesterday, and they are really forward. They are very mobile at two and half weeks and already tucking into their food. I was surprised how high set their ears are already, with long heads and some lovely body shapes. There are grey and red in the litter and all seem to have thick coats.

I thought Psyches' pups were smaller in comparison but there wasn't much in it when I got home and looked, they also seem to have high set ears and are really getting quite vocal. I put the puppy pen round them last night as they were all set to go exploring already. They are already "helping" change the newspaper, and starting to play with each other, so I think we could have fun in the next few weeks with this lot.

Monday, March 24, 2008

It is always nice to see how pups are coming on and Alison and Simon, with their two daughters, came for a visit with Max, one of Remys' brothers. He is a very handsome chap and is very good with the children. I am hoping that we may see him in the show ring at some point and I know they want to do agility too.
It was a bright, chilly day here today, with snow showers, brilliant sunshine and a cold wind. It just couldn't make its mind up. I put the dogs out in the paddocks and am hoping that the thick mud they managed to plaster themselves in, might drop off overnight, but they did enjoy themselves whooping and hollering. I just hope we get a couple more sunny days so they can blast a bit of steam off before the weekend, with the forecast Rain again!
Psyches' pups have definitely turned into gremlins now their eyes are open, and are whizzing about in between eating and sleeping. I think it may be time to move them pretty soon before they take over the world!

On Saturday at Ardingly Karin with Indi (Bonvivant Obligato) had a 5th in Agility Grade 2 and 5th in Combined Jumping 1-3. Well Done !

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A lot of agility competitions were cancelled due to the weather this weekend but the Easter Celebration managed to move theirs indoors where Grace and Kiah (Bonvivant Noisette) had the fastest time yesterday in the Jumping but sadly knocked one pole. Today in the Helter Skelter they were 2nd out of 239 dogs entered, Brilliant!!!!

Woke up to snow today and the dogs thought it was great fun---Pye just had to play football and wouldn't come in for ages--even for his biscuit. At 11 yrs old he still thinks he is a puppy and was tossing the ball in the air and leaping up to catch it. One very happy chap he finally gave in and went to bed.

The puppies are opening their eyes at last and getting a bit more mobile. So difficult to get any pictures of them as they tend to merge into one black mass.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Eastwood show today, cold, very windy and nasty sleety showers. Bonvivant Symbolique (Lexi) was Best AVNSC Puppy and Remy had a 2nd in his class, where the wind definitely got under his tail today. He thoroughly enjoyed himself in rubber ball bouncing mode!

Psyches' puppies are growing really fast now and starting to try their legs out. Loud slurping noises are the norm, they are a contented bunch. Psyche is being a brilliant mum and keeping them clean and well fed; the fun will start soon once they get mobile.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

5 weeks old today and nosy as Belgians can be---lots of ears up too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here are the latest pics from Christianne of the puppies who are 5weeks old Thursday. Getting very lively now and interacting with each other and any other moving target as it passes by i.e. childrens trousers.

Psyches' puppies are growing big and fat, I think they are having full cream milk, and Psyche is convinced that she should be fed all day.

I took Zippy for his hip x-ray yesterday and my vet thought they looked good, especially so as he thought there would be a lot of wear on an eleven year old. We will see what the BVA score them. I don't know how he slipped the net and didn't have his hips done at an earlier age, but he had no adverse effects from the anaesthetic, snored his way until dinner time and has been his normal bouncing self today. Hopefully I shall mate him to Celine later in the year. The resulting pups should have really good working ability.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Great news ! David and Bonvivant Kalisto aka Rusty have qualified to go to the FCI World Agility Championships in Slovenia May 2008. Rusty will be the only Malinois to go this year from GB. What a partnership these two have and I am very proud of them both.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Had a really nice day at Newark today at West Torrington Open Show:-Judge:-Nicki Mackie(Hawksflight) Bonvivant Remy over Delark was Best Puppy and Best of Breed in Tervueren. Ch. Bonvivant Esprit was BOB in Malinois. Bonvivant Symbolique was Best Puppy and Puppy Group 2 Pastoral.(Judge:- Debbie Stansbury)
I had some eye tests done too:- Bonvivant Accolade (Zippy,11yrs) =Clear(pic above). Ch.Bonvivant Esprit =Clear. s.r. Ch Bonvivant C'est Chic=Clear. Cougar just loves Prof Bedford and was the best behaved, he likes my vet too--strange dog.
I got home, changed and washed, before I could see the puppies--I swear they have grown since I left home this morning! They are like little moles and already like being picked up and cuddled.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Stellars' puppies are 4 weeks now. Here are the latest pictures taken this week. I can't wait until I go and see them in a couple of weeks time. They love having visitors and are in the noisy explorer stage, now the fun begins!!

Psyche is much better and has her waggy tail back today, she adores her pups and no sign of her being poorly now. They are really growing fast--mind you they hardly seem to stop feeding, stretching and back to the milk bar again !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008 The winner of the ABC Large Jumping at Crufts was David with Rusty (B.Kallisto) and I hope that this link works to the youtube video. They make it look so easy!! Great commentating from Ian Watts too.

Selection for the World Champs this weekend, lets hope they can qualify.

Great news that Milo (Valentino Z Kovarny to Wildfire) has qualified CD at Working Trials. Milo is father to the Bonvivant "P" litter.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This was Psyches' position all Sunday, supporting herself on a couple of pillows. She ate her dinner as normal and then proceeded to whelp early,not being due until wednesday. I was so looking forward to a hot bath and early, for me, bed,but it was not to be. I rang Lisa to come over as she wanted to see another litter born so she will be prepared when her bitch, Sophie, hopefully has her litter in April. 7 very strong puppies later Psyche settled down and went to sleep quite content, whilst we sat bug-eyed, definitely suffering from lack of sleep over the last few days.
All went well and by 4pm I risked grabbing an hours sleep only to find that Psyche had started to feel very poorly. Off we went to the vets, having to go to the surgery an hour away for a check up and some injections. She settled down again and fed the pups only to start being ill again about 11pm, a call to my vet again and then she settled again about 2.30am. Early this morning she was sick again so off we went to the vets again, and another load of injections. She has been so good and each time she has come back she has gone straight in and cleaned and fed her pups, a good mum just like her mother Lulu. The pups look lovely and are clean and quiet, obviously quite content. This is my first Groenendael litter and it is so strange seeing little shiny,black puppies instead of red ones :)) Fingers crossed that Psyche will be ok now, at first we thought it might be a touch of eclampsia but the vet seems to think that it could have been a tummy bug.
Thanks to all those who have sent Congratulations to Chatter.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We had a fantastic day at Crufts with Chatter (Bonvivant Nochotte) taking BCC(her first) and BOB under Judge Janet Biddlecombe. In Dogs her brother Bonvivant Noblesse Oblige (Chase)took the CC, his first also, for Lisa and Chris Wright. Well Done he looked fabulous. Both of these are by Ch.Morgan du Domaine de Bauge x B.Cacharelle and it was extra special them getting their first CCs at Crufts. RCC was Ch Bonvivant Esprit. Other class winners were Bonvivant Non Pareil with Stonedragon, Bonvivant Dewet and Bonvivant Kronik. Other placings were B.Limoge, B. Arc en Ciel, B. Ophelia, B. Objet D'Art, B. Habibi, B. Keona, Ch.s.r.B.C'est Chic, B.Coup de Foudre avec Zodantta(CSAU TAN) and B. Noisette. Congratulations to my friend Monique Heindriks (breeder) who won OB with Ch Eliane Elodie de la Belle Pitou (another Morgan daughter)owned by Joke Reugebrink from Holland.

In Laekenois the BOB was Lyra var Letsager, a most beautiful bitch, and it was wonderful to see her pulled out in the last cut for the Group.

In Tervueren, Alonso de Bruine Buck was VHC in Junior dog, B.Moondust of Grizwold was 1st PGB and 1st GCits, B.Deja Vu at Briaridge was 4th G.Cits.

Carol Winfrow had to make a mad dash home as her bitch, Ch.Maggie May, decided she couldn't wait to have her puppies until Monday and had gone into whelp! Bruine is now the proud father of nine puppies, 3bitches and 6dogs. I must admit I was keeping my phone nearby in case Psyche decided she was going to have her litter early too, but all was ok, and she is sleeping soundly on the settee at the moment so hopefully she will wait until after the weekend.

Chatter really enjoyed the Main Ring and was breakdancing with the Laekenois on the astroturf! It is funny how they seem to appreciate that you need that bit extra and she moved really well and steadily for me. It was so late when we came out of the ring and fortunately I had lots of help to break camp and get dogs, crates and bags back to the vans. (why is it that you always have so much more to take home even if you haven't had chance to leave ringside?) I got home about 11.30pm, sorted the dogs out quickly and went to bed totally exhausted, bits of me don't seem to want to work today The dogs are all having a nice rest day today, and I don't know how Lisa got up to go to Discover Dogs, although she may just still be running on adrenaline !

Well done to everybody and I will catch up on the Agility results as soon as I have a minute.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spent the day at Crufts today--travelled up with friends and took Lexi and Chablis (Granny and Grandaughter) for Discover Dogs. Lexi was a star, travelled with the sibes and then hopped on the bus down to the NEC. She spent her journey hugging two children, Chablis sat on the seat next to me smiling. Once in Hall One they trotted happily through the crowds down to the booths. They enjoyed being patted and photographed by the general public all morning. We saw lots of Belgians and lots of old friends too and it feels as if the season is getting under way at last.
It was really good to meet Rui Montalves, putting a face to a name at last, but such a shame to hear that his Laekenois bitch that is entered on Saturday will not be there. Martin had taken his new Import, Femme, and Rui recognised her straight away as he has her brother. He took some pics and was straight on the phone to her breeder to say he had seen her. Femme has an amazing character and thoroughly enjoyed herself with Zinca on an all day stint---they will be there again tomorrow !

Whilst Chablis and I went shopping Lexi went round to have a kip and the odd treat at the Sibe booth with her co-owner Jacqui.
It was very busy and very tiring and we trudged back to East car park with bags and baggage but I think the dogs enjoyed a bit of fresh air.
Once home Lexi went to bed, only waking up to eat her dinner---I don't think she will be doing much tomorrow whilst I am grooming dogs ready for Saturday!
Good Luck to Dave and Rusty in the Singles Agility tomorrow ! and all the other Belgians competing too over the next 3 days!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bonvivant Galadriel (Sophie) has been mated to Delark Red Hot and Sophie thinks she is pregnant. If not its a good way of getting lots of extra fuss ! Pups should be due around the 14th April.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

We had a very successful day at Sheffield Open show today with Bonvivant Remy over Delark BP and BOB under judge Pat Baker. Remy is owned by Carol Winfrow and myself. Also Bonvivant Symbolique (Lexi) owned by Jacqui Avery and myself was BP AV Pastoral and BOB AV Pastoral under judge Sue Searle. The puppies really enjoyed themselves and had a busy day mugging all and sundry.

On Saturday Bonvivant Deja Vu at Briaridge owned by Barbara Walker-Smith had a cracking day at the Masters Winter League Agility show with two Clear rounds inSteeplechase 1-7 and Jumping 1-2 and an 11th place in Agility 1-2.

Deja has also been awarded her Show Champion Certificate of Merit.