Tuesday, March 11, 2008

This was Psyches' position all Sunday, supporting herself on a couple of pillows. She ate her dinner as normal and then proceeded to whelp early,not being due until wednesday. I was so looking forward to a hot bath and early, for me, bed,but it was not to be. I rang Lisa to come over as she wanted to see another litter born so she will be prepared when her bitch, Sophie, hopefully has her litter in April. 7 very strong puppies later Psyche settled down and went to sleep quite content, whilst we sat bug-eyed, definitely suffering from lack of sleep over the last few days.
All went well and by 4pm I risked grabbing an hours sleep only to find that Psyche had started to feel very poorly. Off we went to the vets, having to go to the surgery an hour away for a check up and some injections. She settled down again and fed the pups only to start being ill again about 11pm, a call to my vet again and then she settled again about 2.30am. Early this morning she was sick again so off we went to the vets again, and another load of injections. She has been so good and each time she has come back she has gone straight in and cleaned and fed her pups, a good mum just like her mother Lulu. The pups look lovely and are clean and quiet, obviously quite content. This is my first Groenendael litter and it is so strange seeing little shiny,black puppies instead of red ones :)) Fingers crossed that Psyche will be ok now, at first we thought it might be a touch of eclampsia but the vet seems to think that it could have been a tummy bug.
Thanks to all those who have sent Congratulations to Chatter.

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