Thursday, March 27, 2008

More lovely puppy pictures; Stellar reminds me so much of Cachet, her grandmother, who was a totally devoted mother and loved her pups even after they had left home.
I had been to the vets again this morning, this time with Chablis, Stellars' mum, as she has had an haematoma in her ear. Fortunately it seems to be going down and so she didn't require an operation.
I decided tonight to see if Psyches' pups would take any interest in solid food. I soaked some starter with diluted carnation milk and put it down for them---they were in it straight away and soon polished it off! They are only two and a half weeks old and are as forward as my Malinois pups usually are; I haven't found the Tervueren to be so ready to take solids at this age.

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