Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here are the latest pics from Christianne of the puppies who are 5weeks old Thursday. Getting very lively now and interacting with each other and any other moving target as it passes by i.e. childrens trousers.

Psyches' puppies are growing big and fat, I think they are having full cream milk, and Psyche is convinced that she should be fed all day.

I took Zippy for his hip x-ray yesterday and my vet thought they looked good, especially so as he thought there would be a lot of wear on an eleven year old. We will see what the BVA score them. I don't know how he slipped the net and didn't have his hips done at an earlier age, but he had no adverse effects from the anaesthetic, snored his way until dinner time and has been his normal bouncing self today. Hopefully I shall mate him to Celine later in the year. The resulting pups should have really good working ability.

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grondemon said...

Hi Jan - Just read your blog - LOVED the photo's - thanks for this afternoon - see you on Sunday

Yvonne W