Thursday, March 27, 2008

The latest puppy pics are here! We have ball drive! I can't wait until next week when I go down to see the pups, they are looking great. Christianne tells me that they are into everything and are wanting to go out and explore the garden, she has had to erect two child gates now to keep them contained. It is always difficult at this time of year to get them used to the outside world but they have been playing on the patio. Let's hope we get a few good days weather next week so they can go out and hone their gardening skills before they go to their new homes.

I went to see Bruines' litter of Tervueren to Ch.Delark Maggie May yesterday, and they are really forward. They are very mobile at two and half weeks and already tucking into their food. I was surprised how high set their ears are already, with long heads and some lovely body shapes. There are grey and red in the litter and all seem to have thick coats.

I thought Psyches' pups were smaller in comparison but there wasn't much in it when I got home and looked, they also seem to have high set ears and are really getting quite vocal. I put the puppy pen round them last night as they were all set to go exploring already. They are already "helping" change the newspaper, and starting to play with each other, so I think we could have fun in the next few weeks with this lot.

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