Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chablis had her operation Wednesday and things did not go as hoped. She had primary liver cancer and I had no other option but not to let her come out of the anaesthetic. Having thought that the worst scenario was to have her spayed it was a dreadful shock.
Chablis was a wonderful character, so like her mother Cachet. I chose her when she was born, and, even though she didn't have that blonde bombshell type of her sister Cher, she was a wonderful producer. She was mated to One-Off des iles Fidji to produce the "H" litter, Ch.Morgan du Domaine Bauge the "N" litter, and Yachtsmans Tale of Sabrefield for the "Q" litter. Her daughter, Chatter (B.Nochotte), was made up at SKC, her son Chase (B.Noblesse Oblige) has 2CCs and daughter Celine (B.Halsane) has 1 CC.
Chablis was 8yrs old on 20/05/08. She is buried next to her mother here at home.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I was rudely awoken this morning by the patter of tiny feet on the floorboards. A posse of four Laekenois puppies, led by a small dark bitch, were trotting up and down the room demanding room service. They were not amused when they were put back to bed. They have eaten much more today--goodness knows how much they will get through in a few more weeks.

They had some new toys today and seemed to quite like the pink addition to their family.

It was raining, windy and miserable today so Ann, who is staying for Boston show on Wednesday, and I had a major clear out in the dog free zone. We made a bit of an impression but I think it will take more than a couple of days sorting to get it sorted out for when Gerry and Steve come to stay next week to see the puppies and hopefully choose one.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

A worrying week really with Chablis off her food (not a Malinois trait) and looking very sorry for herself. On the fourth trip to the vets she had a scan which revealed what appears to be some sort of lesion in her womb. My vet suspects it to be an ovarian cyst and she is scheduled to go in on wednesday for an exploratory op. She may have to be spayed. Chablis has produced some lovely puppies; Celine, Chamonix, Stellar, Chatter,Chase, Chatter and Kiah to name a few of the most well known. Fingers crossed she will be ok.
News from Bath Ch.Show where Deepha was BOB and Kobra BP.
Brizos' pups have been on the move today and been found with Brizo out of their puppy pen--heading towards the TV no doubt.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

This is Crusoe, Bonvivant Tete a Tete, relaxing on his pouffe--no-one told him he would soon be too big to sleep on it!

Hava, Bonvivant Pavane, has now passed her Bronze and Silver Good Cits and is working towards her Gold. She is also training in agility.

The puppies are now eating with gusto and beginning to interact with people and each other. They had lots of visitors today and were very forward. Tonight they were jostling for a fuss and wagging their tails. Amazing to think they are only 3 weeks old and are big strong pups already. There is quite a difference in head type, but the bitches are very feminine and the dogs very masculine already. They love their food but keep falling asleep in their feed dish.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Puppies have had some food today and then cleaned each others noses off. The two remaining Groenendael puppies had a great time playing with their tugger. Remy of course had to play with the footballs---I think he was hoping to be called up as reserve for Man U tonight--but they managed without him.

The Laekenois pups are monsters ! They are getting very mobile and noisy now--gave them their first meal tonight and a few of them tried it out but preferred to chase mum round the box instead.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Champions made up this weekend !! Bonvivant Dewet (Cello) owned by myself and Terry Donovan (aka Mr Polo) and Bonvivant Nochotte (Chatter) under judge Kathy Bird at SKC. Reserve CCs went to Bonvivant Noblesse Oblige(C&L Wright) and Bonvivant Habibi (Wright & Ralph). BP was Bonvivant Sauvignon via Zodantta (Brown & Ralph). In Tervueren Remy was high as a kite and succeeded in mugging the judge quite a few times only being placed 2nd. Bruine won Junior Dog.Bonvivant Raffine (Dr Bridgit Gilmore) pictured,was 2nd in PB and 1st in Junior. Everyone could tell how happy this handler was! We had lots to celebrate when we all went for out for a meal.
Sunday was the NBSDC Open Show with beautiful sunny skies. Only a quick trip from where we were camping and we soon got the dogs set up for the day. Bonvivant Remy over Delark was much better behaved and was BPDog, Bruine won JDog. In bitches Bonvivant Raffine was 1st in Junior and Bonvivant Jolienne 3rd in Open Bitch. I was delighted to be asked to handle Delark And All That Jazz for Jane and Brian to BOB.
In Malinois Bonvivant Limoge was BD with Bonvivant Sauvignon via Zodantta RBD, Bonvivant Arc en Ciel was BB,BOB and BVeteran and Bonvivant Habibi RBB and RBOB. Bonvivant Symbolique at Tokyn (Sercombe & Ralph)was BP. Ciel then went on to Best Veteran in Show!!!
It was a long drive home, quite eventful as I missed the last fuel station for about 50miles and was driving on fumes, and we got home about 1.30am.
What a shock !!! Those Laekenois puppies had grown whilst I was away !!! Coats are noticeably longer and they were all over the place. It was a good job I extended their pen before leaving--not a lot of room for Brizo in there now.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The puppies are 13 days old today and a couple of them have their eyes open. Wendy came over to see them, fresh back from the World Agility Championships where she gained 3 Gold Medals with Racingredd Brussel Scout!!! I told her it would be lovely if her Laekenois puppy grew up to compete there (no pressure Lol !! )

Busy day tomorrow getting ready for the trip to Scotland so might not get to post now until after the weekend---by which time these little monsters will be running around.

I moved the puppies up the other end of the front room yesterday in preparation of putting a run on the box for the weekend. I shall be away for 3days to travel up to SKC and the NBSDC Open show so would expect the pups to be exploring by the time I get home. Puppy sitters are arranged. Their eyes are beginning to open now and their coats are definitely getting more dense and furry than a Malinois coat. Very noisy now when feeding, suction pumps have nothing on these guys and they are making puppy growing noises in their sleep!

I took the three remaining Groenendael pups for their first injections today and they were not too impressed with the van at first. Psyche went too and I put Cougar in as well as he has a very good effect on pups, giving a very loud "be quiet puppies" woof which always shuts pups up. They were all deemed very healthy, no problems, and then travelled quietly home, raced round the garden and then had a late breakfast as if they hadn't eaten for days!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


A weekend of glorious weather and lots of gardening jobs. Pye and Chiraze lay in the shade watching the strimming. Cello enjoyed his early gallop round the field, I haven't quite got the hang of the new camera for the action shots but nevertheless liked this one as he came charging down the field towards me, airborne as usual ready for a quick game of football.
Brizo is being a great mum and the pups are growing quickly, there soon won't be much room in the whelping box, and once their eyes are open there will be no stopping them. They will have to move out next week, they are barricaded in already as they are busy tottering blindly round the box in between eating and sleeping, and spreading out to sleep. I have the ceiling fan on but it is still quite warm indoors. I think they are going to be a noisy bunch.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birmingham National Championship Show yesterday with CCs for Malinois. A repeat result with Bonvivant Noblesse Oblige(Chase) and Bonvivant Nochotte(Chatter)pictured, both getting their 2nd CCs. RCC in dogs was Bonvivant Limoge (Capi) and BP Bonvivant Sauvignon via Zodantta (Kobra).

In Tervueren Bonvivant Remy over Delark was BPDog and Alonso de Bruine Buck 2nd in Junior Dog.

Barbara with Bonvivant Saumur and Sonja with Bonvivant Saphir took there Good Cits Bronze at the show and passed!

The Laekenois pups are growing steadily, they always seem to be suckling and they will soon have their eyes open. Speaking to other breeders it seems that it will be a few more weeks before we know what the coats will be like but, when Brizo gives them a good wet wash, they do appear to have longer coat coming already.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Brizos' puppies are 5 days old now and, as you can see from the photos, are really growing fast, eating and sleeping and very contented.
Psyches' pups are eight weeks old now and 3 have gone to their new homes. The remaining 4 have been having great fun in the sunshine, playing with toys and twigs and terrorising visitors.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brizo is settling into motherhood now, I think she was in shock with the sheer number of puppies that had appeared. She is tucking into her roast chickens and seems to have plenty of good milk. The pups are settling down quietly after a good feed. There were six puppies with rear dewclaws, one with a double on one leg.
I took Nell the rescue dog to meet her new owners today, she has been with us for a couple of weeks, and she was a really sweet little working Malinois who loved playing ball. Nell was rescued from a puppy farm in Ireland and deserves a family of her own.
Groenendael pups are really growing fast now and three have gone to their new homes; the time goes so fast and before you know it they are eight weeks old and ready to leave. They have delightful characters and Psyche still goes in to feed them night and morning, rounding them up if it rains and keeps them in the kennel in the dry.

Friday, May 2, 2008

At last we have puppies!!!!!!! After two very restless sleepless nights Brizo decided to have her pups, she whelped eleven but one was very puny and never wanted to suckle, so now we have ten lovely, pups. The coats did appear a little wavy when wet but it will be a few days before we see any change now. Brizo was brilliant and opened the bags and did the cords virtually on her own. She was very tired but has been a good mum with lots of milk. She finds it hard to lie down without upsetting them but is getting better. At this moment she is wearing one round her neck whilst the rest suckle. Me? I would just like some sleep!! I will catch up with more news another day.Posted by Picasa
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