Sunday, May 4, 2008

Brizo is settling into motherhood now, I think she was in shock with the sheer number of puppies that had appeared. She is tucking into her roast chickens and seems to have plenty of good milk. The pups are settling down quietly after a good feed. There were six puppies with rear dewclaws, one with a double on one leg.
I took Nell the rescue dog to meet her new owners today, she has been with us for a couple of weeks, and she was a really sweet little working Malinois who loved playing ball. Nell was rescued from a puppy farm in Ireland and deserves a family of her own.
Groenendael pups are really growing fast now and three have gone to their new homes; the time goes so fast and before you know it they are eight weeks old and ready to leave. They have delightful characters and Psyche still goes in to feed them night and morning, rounding them up if it rains and keeps them in the kennel in the dry.

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