Monday, May 19, 2008

Two Champions made up this weekend !! Bonvivant Dewet (Cello) owned by myself and Terry Donovan (aka Mr Polo) and Bonvivant Nochotte (Chatter) under judge Kathy Bird at SKC. Reserve CCs went to Bonvivant Noblesse Oblige(C&L Wright) and Bonvivant Habibi (Wright & Ralph). BP was Bonvivant Sauvignon via Zodantta (Brown & Ralph). In Tervueren Remy was high as a kite and succeeded in mugging the judge quite a few times only being placed 2nd. Bruine won Junior Dog.Bonvivant Raffine (Dr Bridgit Gilmore) pictured,was 2nd in PB and 1st in Junior. Everyone could tell how happy this handler was! We had lots to celebrate when we all went for out for a meal.
Sunday was the NBSDC Open Show with beautiful sunny skies. Only a quick trip from where we were camping and we soon got the dogs set up for the day. Bonvivant Remy over Delark was much better behaved and was BPDog, Bruine won JDog. In bitches Bonvivant Raffine was 1st in Junior and Bonvivant Jolienne 3rd in Open Bitch. I was delighted to be asked to handle Delark And All That Jazz for Jane and Brian to BOB.
In Malinois Bonvivant Limoge was BD with Bonvivant Sauvignon via Zodantta RBD, Bonvivant Arc en Ciel was BB,BOB and BVeteran and Bonvivant Habibi RBB and RBOB. Bonvivant Symbolique at Tokyn (Sercombe & Ralph)was BP. Ciel then went on to Best Veteran in Show!!!
It was a long drive home, quite eventful as I missed the last fuel station for about 50miles and was driving on fumes, and we got home about 1.30am.
What a shock !!! Those Laekenois puppies had grown whilst I was away !!! Coats are noticeably longer and they were all over the place. It was a good job I extended their pen before leaving--not a lot of room for Brizo in there now.

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