Sunday, May 25, 2008

A worrying week really with Chablis off her food (not a Malinois trait) and looking very sorry for herself. On the fourth trip to the vets she had a scan which revealed what appears to be some sort of lesion in her womb. My vet suspects it to be an ovarian cyst and she is scheduled to go in on wednesday for an exploratory op. She may have to be spayed. Chablis has produced some lovely puppies; Celine, Chamonix, Stellar, Chatter,Chase, Chatter and Kiah to name a few of the most well known. Fingers crossed she will be ok.
News from Bath Ch.Show where Deepha was BOB and Kobra BP.
Brizos' pups have been on the move today and been found with Brizo out of their puppy pen--heading towards the TV no doubt.

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