Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I moved the puppies up the other end of the front room yesterday in preparation of putting a run on the box for the weekend. I shall be away for 3days to travel up to SKC and the NBSDC Open show so would expect the pups to be exploring by the time I get home. Puppy sitters are arranged. Their eyes are beginning to open now and their coats are definitely getting more dense and furry than a Malinois coat. Very noisy now when feeding, suction pumps have nothing on these guys and they are making puppy growing noises in their sleep!

I took the three remaining Groenendael pups for their first injections today and they were not too impressed with the van at first. Psyche went too and I put Cougar in as well as he has a very good effect on pups, giving a very loud "be quiet puppies" woof which always shuts pups up. They were all deemed very healthy, no problems, and then travelled quietly home, raced round the garden and then had a late breakfast as if they hadn't eaten for days!

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