Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The amazing thing about Lincolnshire is the amount of sky--and the sunsets are really beautiful. If you painted them people would think you imagined them. Here is one I took last year at the wind farm and two I took tonight on the way back from a walk. Garth and I took the two Malinois pups for a walk on the stubble field--they don't go far so it is hard to get any shots. It was getting dark too so I didn't get many.--some had alien eyes but here are a couple. The nights are drawing in fast now. We haven't had any rain since July and the ground is really hard too.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunny day again so took Chic and Yaz for a walk--soon wore them out on the stubble field and Yaz had to cool his feet off in the water trough when he got home. Celine went for a very slow walk--no expending too much energy for her-and had to have a rest on a straw bale half way to pose for a few photos. Then she had to rest on the sofa the rest of the day as it was all too much having to do some exercise!
Caught up on cleaning out chickens and moving the youngsters into a bigger pen--don't think the Marans will be too happy when they wake up tomorrow and find they have moved into smaller accommodation though !!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News from Belgium where Chiraze has been to the Pumpkin Festival. The first picture was taken at the French Nationals this year where she was graded Excellent. She now has 4 CACIBs but still no sign of her season. We really miss her but, as you can see, she is having a great time with Claire and Gaston.
Below are some photos of one of the French Wheaten hens, my favourite, a Salmon Faverolle hen and Corky the Millefleur Pekin cockerel who has been watching the Kelloggs advert and stands on top of his coop crowing merrily!
Only a few more days before our last crop of eggs should hatch-we are playing safe this time after a terrible hatch last time from Ebay eggs so we sourced eggs closer to home plus a few from our own hens.
No training for Cello this week as he seemed a little off colour so Cruz had two days and is coming along very well. His heelwork position is getting a lot more consistent--he certainly isn't lacking in the enthusiasm department now and, although he is not retrieving yet, he would like to get everyone elses dumbell! Cello was not amused to be left at home and I had to make it up to him with some lamb stew and chicken. Of course he is back to normal now but will have to wait until next weeks lesson to see all his friends. Plenty of homework for both the boys and I have actually entered a couple of shows--training rounds only-to get Cello used to working in a show situation. He will be 8yrs old next month and is loving his career change!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spent a lovely day with Gill and Simon who had come to visit us and see the dogs again. They are waiting for a Malinois puppy to compete in Agility, both have worked in the Police Force and do a lot of work with dogs. Simon loves cooking so I experimented with a new recipe of Ricotta and herbs stuffed chicken with sweetcorn and french beans sauted in garlic and spring onions. Pictured above is my latest loaf stuffed with Antipasti and roasted peppers. It all went down a treat.
They are hoping that their puppy will come from Celine to Zippy, but will wait if the right puppy is not in that litter. I am so looking forward to seeing what this mating will produce; Zippy (top picture) is by Lanaeken Standout at Sabrefield(2nd picture) x Sabrefield Right Answer for Bonvivant. This was the first mating I ever did in Malinois and produced some brilliant working dogs and Ciel (B. Arc en Ciel), who I sadly lost this year. Zippy has never sired a litter before and, at almost 13, I must admit I was just hoping that he would be viable. His colour is still an amazing deep red and his mask so defined. Scissor bite and full dentition,clear eyes and hips 7 (scored at 11.5 yrs). That litter did have strong character but I am hoping that this combination will gel. We will see in a couple of weeks-I can't believe the time has gone so quickly since the mating.(All I want is a red Ciel--not too much to ask surely?????)
Thanks for the recipe for Sloe Gin, Simon,--I shall have to get bottling fast as it takes 6 weeks to mature--and then a very interesting recipe with the steeped fruit afterwards!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Darlington yesterday and Deepha was BBand BOB, Lexi RBB, Cougar BD and Sam RBD. Chic was BP. Lexi was also 4th in the RBB competition. We won the Pastoral Breeders Group and that qualified us for the Finals at Crufts 2010 !!!!! Good to know we are through and don't have to worry about getting those last few points this year.
A lazy day today just pottering around doing the necessary jobs,moving chickens around and napping. The weather was lovely and warm too. Rissa went off to her new home with a lovely family and the latest report is that she is settling in well. Just Elle at home now so looking forward to showing her at a couple of Ch shows soon.
Visitors tomorrow coming to see the dogs so must get some bread baked and something sorted for lunch.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Brissie, Bonvivant Velocity, at his first Agility competition goes Clear!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vua-J4SWtiQ hope this works!!!

A lovely weekend despite diversions on the roads which made our journey a very long one to Richmond Ch show. Just made it in time to rush poor Yazoo into his class. Deepha took the CC!!! (must have been the grooming Ann :)) ) with Cougar RCC BOS, Yaz RBD, BP and Lexi RBB. 2nd in the Breeders Stakes so only 3 more points to qualify. In Laekenois Antar was BD, BOS. Femme RBB.
Today I went to a local Greyhound Rescue Companion show where Elle was BPIS and won a beautiful cut glass tankard, Bruine won Open and won a cut glass rosebowl. It was a bit chilly today but good for the dogs after yesterdays heatwave. Met lots of friends old and new.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great news from David and Candice that Rusty has won 5 Grade 7 classes in her last 2 shows with a Reserve Agility CC.
Pictured above is Chic, Bonvivant Ysatis, co-owned with Terry Donovan, Rusty in action and Tia and Rusty (thanks Candice for these lovely pics of the girls).
Busy as usual with a couple of outings to local companion shows to get more practice for the pups and Basil, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves with some nice placings too. Very relaxing and have seen some lovely dogs of all breeds competing. Nice weather has meant the dogs can get out in the paddocks and play all day, very tired but happy dogs.
Psyche and I went to Birmingham Ch show where she was 3rd in OB, I thought she was a bit lethargic and found she had cut her stopper pad so she didn't show too well. Never mind it was a nice day out and gave me a chance to meet up with friends and watch some judging for a change.
Richmond this weekend with a single CC, I will be glad to see the back of them as I cannot see the point. Only a few more shows this season and I am hoping that our Breeders Team will make the finals at Crufts next year. With our recent win in the Group at WKC this now seems possible; we haven't made the finals for a couple of years and I didn't think we had a chance this year under the new system.
The chickens are multiplying and we have had some new editions hatch out too.
Exciting news that Celine looks to be in whelp to Zippy, this will be his first litter at the grand old age of 12.5 and I have never managed to continue this line before. I am hoping for a rich red Ciel lookalike (well I can hope!). This should open the gene pool up a bit too, with the addition of the Lanaeken lines again behind Zippy.
Chiraze has still not come in season yet but has taken another CACIB abroad, it does seem strange without her but hopefully she will return in whelp soon.
More exciting news that we have mated Zinka to a Brizo son so Martin hopes for Laekenois puppies soon.
In Ireland Bonvivant Raphael, (Tervueren) Ralph, has gone into Grade 4 Agility.
More news hopefully soon.