Wednesday, September 23, 2009

News from Belgium where Chiraze has been to the Pumpkin Festival. The first picture was taken at the French Nationals this year where she was graded Excellent. She now has 4 CACIBs but still no sign of her season. We really miss her but, as you can see, she is having a great time with Claire and Gaston.
Below are some photos of one of the French Wheaten hens, my favourite, a Salmon Faverolle hen and Corky the Millefleur Pekin cockerel who has been watching the Kelloggs advert and stands on top of his coop crowing merrily!
Only a few more days before our last crop of eggs should hatch-we are playing safe this time after a terrible hatch last time from Ebay eggs so we sourced eggs closer to home plus a few from our own hens.
No training for Cello this week as he seemed a little off colour so Cruz had two days and is coming along very well. His heelwork position is getting a lot more consistent--he certainly isn't lacking in the enthusiasm department now and, although he is not retrieving yet, he would like to get everyone elses dumbell! Cello was not amused to be left at home and I had to make it up to him with some lamb stew and chicken. Of course he is back to normal now but will have to wait until next weeks lesson to see all his friends. Plenty of homework for both the boys and I have actually entered a couple of shows--training rounds only-to get Cello used to working in a show situation. He will be 8yrs old next month and is loving his career change!

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