Thursday, March 29, 2012

Photos of Cacia before her accident

Part of the traumas from last year was when my new puppy, Cacia, Belsharose Cichiti, had a terrible accident which left her paralysed. Chasing chickens around the yard she went under a mobile home and knocked herself unconscious on the main frame underneath. For 5 days she could only move her eyes and wag her tail--she had to be turned every hour and held up to eat, drink and relieve herself. I could not see her making any sort of recovery and the vets prognosis was very gloomy. I called in the chiropractor, Christine East, who had worked miracles on little Min the Groenendael puppy (see earlier posts) and she worked on her for me.After 5 days of lying on duvets in the front room and seeing the other dogs leaving to go outside somehow she managed to launch herself off the floor, only to collapse as she had no co-ordination. Her legs couldn't take her weight but she really wanted to give it a try.
With regular visits to Christine which became a weekly ritual drive to Waddington, she had to learn to walk again. I would hold her up and then place her legs one after the other, which gave her the incentive to try harder. Even Christine had doubts that she would ever be able to support her own weight again.
Cacia had always been an athletic puppy and I had photos to look back on which showed her leaping in the air with a beach ball, she had started her obedience training and had become a star pupil as she was so willing and clever.
Cacia is a Chiraze Grandaughter and when I told Clare and Gaston about her they were devastated and within days had sent pills and potions from their homeopathic vet (and chocolate for me to keep my strength up) and gave me lots of advice.
Every day we made a little more progress, and gradually she became able to lurch to her feet unsteadily and try to walk. She was so good at being treated by Christine too and realised that she was trying to help her. So much trauma to her spine as she had hit just above her left eye at speed,which then affected her neck, shoulders and right down her body. Cacia continues to improve daily and can now trot and gallop although her slow walk can be a little wobbly but she has built her strength up gradually and has returned to training and, although finding it quite hard work she enjoys it.
I found that one of Christines suggestions has been especially useful to gain spatial awareness, the addition of scrunchies (elasticated hair ties) on her legs made her aware that she had legs and where they were, and how she could use them. I use them now only on her hind legs when training her and she works both sides to make sure that we do not compromise any muscle tone.
No-one can believe the progress she has made as most thought that she would never walk again and I would have to make an awful decision. Of course she is thoroughly spoilt and can be a brat, and gets very destructive if not entertained. 3 mobile phones, 2 duvets,2 feather pillows (not a good idea and there was not a chicken in the middle!) a 3 piece suite re-designed by Cacia and the Sky remote on a saturday afternoon just before kick off did not go down well!
Still a long way to go but you never know - one day she may be able to enter an obedience or show ring.Thankyou Debs and Paul for being so understanding.

Sorry it has been so long since I posted last--don't seem to get any free time lately! I will try to get up to date asap but the sun is shining and so much to do. We had a new edition to the gang last July and she has taken up quite a bit of time too. Cocoa is a 14yrs old 15hh mare , brown with silver mane, tail and eyelashes- and she knows she is a bit special. She was destined to be in a few cans of dog food and, with the help of my dear friend Carol, now is just thoroughly spoilt. Here are a few photos of her.