Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sorry for lack of news the last few days but, after a lovely Christmas Day with my mum and friends I went down with the gastric bug which literally knocked me off my feet.
True to Belgian form Termite decided to have her puppies a week too early--sadly she lost a couple that were just not strong enough but, she has 4 bitches and 3 dogs which, fingers crossed, will be ok now. They are all feeding well and Termite is getting the hang of motherhood. I will endeavour to take some photos tomorrow as I am still a bit wobbly.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hurray!!!!!!!!! we have water at last thanks to a paint stripper heater! Thawed out the water pipes and then the downpipes as the bath wouldn't empty last night. I had the most decadent bath for about 2 hrs just topping up with hot ! water --a little snooze and came down to find the new woodburner being fitted--it's so warm and cosy now! Dare I say almost too warm! :)
Martin arrived for the holidays so off in the morning to get more animal feed and some last minute bits for Christmas day. It sleeted here earlier and freezing fog was closing in and now water is dripping everywhere. I took a few pics as the light was going--so fuzzy due to the long shutter speed (Celines' nose is not really that shape but she moved before the shutter closed) but it gives you an idea of how bleak it is out here. The last one is of the sprout fields which surround us--we have been so lucky not to have had those harvested before Christmas-lots of mud to come in the New Year but at the moment it doesn't seem quite so bad Lol!
Rhodes and Celine are still enjoying the snow with Caper who has taken the opportunity to house train himself as he is in such a rush to get out there--not so sure he will be that keen once the snow goes though. At least it takes the edge off his enthusiasm for terrorizing everyone-he comes in and sleeps soundly after a towel dry.
Just made some Pate for a starter, now to plan the rest of the menu and bake some cakes and mince pies at last.
Merry Christmas everyone--keep warm and take care out on those roads--not so sure we have seen the last of this yet.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Well it's still snowing! It has been a bit of a week as the water pipes have frozen so no water in the house at all-what a nightmare! Thanks to friends we have been filling up containers but you just don't realise how much water you get through in a day--and take it for granted that it will just be there. No water for the forseeable future either as the pipes had burst recently and had all been replaced but not had time to dig back in so they won't thaw out until the weather warms up. It takes ages thawing out the chickens drinkers and defrosting bunny bottles. Even the manger buckets in the main kennels have frozen by the morning. Looking forward to going to a friends for a bath too!!!
Caper decided to follow his mum and half brother Rhodes out into the snow, and he thinks it is great fun! He wants to be like his brother when he grows up and follows him everywhere--much to Rhodes' disgust. He is such a confident little chap and wasn't phased by it at all.
Belgians seem to love snow and it certainly makes them very silly!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Snow today, everything is white over and quite deep and we had quite a heavy snow fall earlier-sun is out now. Remy, who is staying here whilst Phil is in hospital, loves playing in it, as does Cougar. Bunny, despite being almost 11yrs old, acts like a puppy as soon as it gets cold and frosty.
The chickens, however, were not at all impressed, but the Favarolles braved it--beautiful birds and seem very hardy. The others stayed in bed once they had had their breakfast. More snow forecast, but it is better than the mud--until it thaws! Feels like Christmas but I bet it won't last--our lane is lovely and quiet as we don't get cleared.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Here is Bonvivant Yvre (Lili) at the Nordic Show. She was 2nd Junior class in the first day.

At LKA Remy was 3rd Tervueren PGDog, Elle won PB and was Best Puppy in Breed and Psyche was 3rd in OB Groenendael. A Bruine son was BPD Tervueren. Pictured here is also Ruari (Revloch Yabba Dabba Doo) a Cliche son, was BP and RBD AVNSC. Well Done Tracey and Jean.
The weather has changed again and the temperature has plummeted, with -9 degrees forecast for next week !
Caper went for his first obedience class and was very surprised to see a black and white puppy--he hadn't a clue what it was-but he was very good and very confident in a strange place without his mum. He has turned into quite the mountaineer and has had to be rescued from very high places--onwards and upwards seems to be his latest motto. He starts big school at the end of January.
Sad time yesterday as I took the ancient lurcher, Double Diamond, to be put to sleep at 16 years old.
I am hoping to install a woodburning stove in the kennels soon as, with well below freezing temperatures being forecast,it will take the chill off. Old people will have to have winter rugs this week-if they will keep them on.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photo of Chiraze with Strike du Domaine de Varoux who she has been mated to in Belgium.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Cougar has things sussed. After his morning game with the rugby ball and a mad scat he bounces into the study and settles down for a nap under the desk. I caught him here on the settee having a kip--it was warmer there than on the floor!
Caper is having great games with his mum now but she is having to put him firmly in his place now and again.He is such a character and so like his dad Zippy in many ways.
Weather has been cold and miserable again and we so need some hard frosts to dry the paddocks out so the dogs can spend more time out there. Freezing here tonight so maybe the rain has stopped for a while! The mud makes all jobs really hard and the chickens are not impressed either. They have been enjoying the small amount of sunshine and have been free ranging to try and give their runs a chance of drying out.
News from Ireland that Toyah has had two healthy pups but so disappointing that both were males--last time she had 5 males and I know Jean was desperately hoping for a female this time.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

News from Belgium that Chiraze has passed her brevet "chien d'accompagnement" BH with Gaston. She has also been mated to Strike du Domaine de Varoux. She has a show in December and then will be scanned before returning home to, hopefully, have her puppies.
A mixed bag of weather again with cold, wet windy and sunny. Here is Vogue who has found a lovely sunny dry spot to sunbathe.
Cello had two Christmas parties which he thoroughly enjoyed and he had David for his Tuesday night and Ria for the Wednesday afternoon. Plenty of cake and sausage rolls kept him very happy. No training now until the third week in January so lots of work to do over the holiday.