Monday, December 21, 2009

Well it's still snowing! It has been a bit of a week as the water pipes have frozen so no water in the house at all-what a nightmare! Thanks to friends we have been filling up containers but you just don't realise how much water you get through in a day--and take it for granted that it will just be there. No water for the forseeable future either as the pipes had burst recently and had all been replaced but not had time to dig back in so they won't thaw out until the weather warms up. It takes ages thawing out the chickens drinkers and defrosting bunny bottles. Even the manger buckets in the main kennels have frozen by the morning. Looking forward to going to a friends for a bath too!!!
Caper decided to follow his mum and half brother Rhodes out into the snow, and he thinks it is great fun! He wants to be like his brother when he grows up and follows him everywhere--much to Rhodes' disgust. He is such a confident little chap and wasn't phased by it at all.
Belgians seem to love snow and it certainly makes them very silly!!!!

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