Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hurray!!!!!!!!! we have water at last thanks to a paint stripper heater! Thawed out the water pipes and then the downpipes as the bath wouldn't empty last night. I had the most decadent bath for about 2 hrs just topping up with hot ! water --a little snooze and came down to find the new woodburner being fitted--it's so warm and cosy now! Dare I say almost too warm! :)
Martin arrived for the holidays so off in the morning to get more animal feed and some last minute bits for Christmas day. It sleeted here earlier and freezing fog was closing in and now water is dripping everywhere. I took a few pics as the light was going--so fuzzy due to the long shutter speed (Celines' nose is not really that shape but she moved before the shutter closed) but it gives you an idea of how bleak it is out here. The last one is of the sprout fields which surround us--we have been so lucky not to have had those harvested before Christmas-lots of mud to come in the New Year but at the moment it doesn't seem quite so bad Lol!
Rhodes and Celine are still enjoying the snow with Caper who has taken the opportunity to house train himself as he is in such a rush to get out there--not so sure he will be that keen once the snow goes though. At least it takes the edge off his enthusiasm for terrorizing everyone-he comes in and sleeps soundly after a towel dry.
Just made some Pate for a starter, now to plan the rest of the menu and bake some cakes and mince pies at last.
Merry Christmas everyone--keep warm and take care out on those roads--not so sure we have seen the last of this yet.

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