Friday, December 11, 2009

Cougar has things sussed. After his morning game with the rugby ball and a mad scat he bounces into the study and settles down for a nap under the desk. I caught him here on the settee having a kip--it was warmer there than on the floor!
Caper is having great games with his mum now but she is having to put him firmly in his place now and again.He is such a character and so like his dad Zippy in many ways.
Weather has been cold and miserable again and we so need some hard frosts to dry the paddocks out so the dogs can spend more time out there. Freezing here tonight so maybe the rain has stopped for a while! The mud makes all jobs really hard and the chickens are not impressed either. They have been enjoying the small amount of sunshine and have been free ranging to try and give their runs a chance of drying out.
News from Ireland that Toyah has had two healthy pups but so disappointing that both were males--last time she had 5 males and I know Jean was desperately hoping for a female this time.

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