Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Great news from David and Candice that Rusty has won 5 Grade 7 classes in her last 2 shows with a Reserve Agility CC.
Pictured above is Chic, Bonvivant Ysatis, co-owned with Terry Donovan, Rusty in action and Tia and Rusty (thanks Candice for these lovely pics of the girls).
Busy as usual with a couple of outings to local companion shows to get more practice for the pups and Basil, they thoroughly enjoyed themselves with some nice placings too. Very relaxing and have seen some lovely dogs of all breeds competing. Nice weather has meant the dogs can get out in the paddocks and play all day, very tired but happy dogs.
Psyche and I went to Birmingham Ch show where she was 3rd in OB, I thought she was a bit lethargic and found she had cut her stopper pad so she didn't show too well. Never mind it was a nice day out and gave me a chance to meet up with friends and watch some judging for a change.
Richmond this weekend with a single CC, I will be glad to see the back of them as I cannot see the point. Only a few more shows this season and I am hoping that our Breeders Team will make the finals at Crufts next year. With our recent win in the Group at WKC this now seems possible; we haven't made the finals for a couple of years and I didn't think we had a chance this year under the new system.
The chickens are multiplying and we have had some new editions hatch out too.
Exciting news that Celine looks to be in whelp to Zippy, this will be his first litter at the grand old age of 12.5 and I have never managed to continue this line before. I am hoping for a rich red Ciel lookalike (well I can hope!). This should open the gene pool up a bit too, with the addition of the Lanaeken lines again behind Zippy.
Chiraze has still not come in season yet but has taken another CACIB abroad, it does seem strange without her but hopefully she will return in whelp soon.
More exciting news that we have mated Zinka to a Brizo son so Martin hopes for Laekenois puppies soon.
In Ireland Bonvivant Raphael, (Tervueren) Ralph, has gone into Grade 4 Agility.
More news hopefully soon.

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