Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Discover Dogs and it was really busy, I had to wait to take some pics until after 5pm when the place was closing and we were taking the stands down. The Laekenois were a great hit and Antar, Martins' Brizo puppy, took most of the fuss on offer. Femme was rough housing with Brizo, and Zinka was trying to ignore such uncouth behaviour. Calla, Lexi and Cougar manned the Malinois stand and I must say I wasn't too sure if Cougar would enjoy it as he doesn't usually do the "mauled by children" thing. However he was kissed to death by quite a few and was very well behaved.
Frank Kane came round with the film crew at one point and we had one of each variety for the cameras and a brief spiel by him on the breed. To my horror he wanted me to talk about the Belgians but, thankfully, it was very short and I think it will be on Sky, Horse and Country Channel sometime.
Vogue took most things in her stride and did a lot of sleeping, ignoring the noises around her. She walked through the streets from the carpark between her mum and dad as if it was an every day occurrence. The dogs have been very tired today as have I, that's the trouble with DD it mentally wears you out.

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