Saturday, November 15, 2008

The weather stayed fine and the paddocks wre dry enough for the dogs to have an afternoon out. They made the most of it racing up and down barking and generally having a good time. The upside of living out on the fens is the wonderfully different sunsets we get. It is a strange landscape, especially in the winter months, and the large amount of sky takes a bit of getting used to. The sunset yesterday was absolutely stunning, colours you couldn't imagine, if someone painted it you wouldn't belive it. I stood and watched it for ages and didn't have my camera at the ready for once, so I thought I would put this one up which I took out on Bicker fen earlier in the summer just after the wind turbines had ben put up.
The new kennel block is up and we are just waiting for the matching one to face it now. The dogs seem to like it and the kennel space is big and roomy but warm with covered runs.
I went up to Newark to see the flyball where Ronnie and Keisha were running. It was really noisy inside but the dogs were having a great time. Pudsey was enjoying his day out and was pleased to see me, I took Brizo and Vogue, Psyche and Rhodes with me and they had a wander round with me. Not sure Vogue was too impressed with all the barking collies but once she realised this was another of those free hand out days she was getting treats from everyone.

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