Saturday, January 31, 2009

It has been a bright, sunny day but with a biting cold wind. After doing some shopping down the farm shop I stopped up the road and took Cesar, Celine and Chatter for a walk up the setaside. they had a great time, deciding to have a game on the plough and jump over the small dykes for the fun of it. We didn't stay out long as the wind was blasting over the fen but at least they had a chance to let off a bit of steam and we were all quite glad to get back to the van. All the dogs are fed up with the mud and can't go out in the runs until it dries off and a run in the field is no comparison to their normal exercise regime.

The temperature is dropping fast tonight with snow forecast from tomorrow (they will like that--it makes them dafter than usual!)

I think I will rename the house South Ings Swamp before much longer and we have more mud indoors than out at the moment.

I am trying the new heat panel out in Chilis' kennel and she is very toastie in there-not wanting to come out at all. The pups seem warm and content anyway and a final check and I couldn't find any rear dewclaws-which is a bonus.

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