Sunday, February 1, 2009

The weather has closed in and we had some heavy snow flurries which settled. The dogs all think it hilarious and Cougar sat out on his run to enjoy it. The temperature plummeted tonight with the promised cold wind making the ground like an ice rink. All the water taps are frozen which means all the water has to come up from the house. Even the water coming in had slowed as we have some exposed water pipes outside--quickly covered up with vetbeds.

Some news today from Guernsey where Venus, a Brizo/Cougar daughter passed her Bronze Good Citizens today. She has her first show in a few weeks time (they don't have many).

Indi was back at Search and Rescue training today and Karin rang to say how proud she was as he found all four articles(items of clothing) and the Dolly! Apparently, once he realised what was expected of him, he put on his serious head and worked really hard. A lot of my friends abroad do S&R training and I have already had a Tervueren put through the training successfully so I am really pleased that Karin is giving it a go. Indi is on an induction course initially so I hope that he will one day be a fully trained S&R dog.

I had mysterious calls and emails tonight about my being seen on BBC1, and, as I knew that David Attenborough was on at the time I thought this pretty strange --but it was true. I had dished up dinner and, although the programme was on, wasn't actually watching it so had missed the dogs at Richmond last year in the Breeder Stakes Finals. I watched it on Iplayer later and there they were--being watched by Sir David himself! (the lady next to him was putting her make-up on and totally oblivious to the fact that he was stood next to her).I spoke to Martin who reminded me that he had told me that day that Sir David was filming there for something, and I had commented that, of all the famous people, he was the one I would so like to meet. So near......... strangely enough we used to live next door to a lovely retired couple when I was a child and she had been Nanny to David and Richard Attenborough.Later, in conversation with Betty Duffus, she told me how, during the war, as a land girl, she gave a small boy a lift on her tractor, who turned out to be David Attenborough!

Martin was having fun with Antar tonight as he thought it such fun to play out in 4 inches of snow, and had been having snowball fights with Martin, that he wouldn't come in!

More snow forecast for tomorrow so I think the dogs will have some fun. The bad news is that I have broken my camera --just when I will need it!!!! Good news is there is one on its way, just hope they can deliver it asap! It's like having a limb removed for me and very rarely am I without it. You never know when you will see that shot--and I bet I'll see loads of missed opportunities in the meantime :(

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