Saturday, February 7, 2009

My camera came at last! but not until it was too dark to take photos in the field, so Celine and I went out to do some posing in front of one of our spectacular fenland sunsets. Not bad I didn't think as it was almost dark out there. As you can see the road has really improved for a good covering of slushy snow on top of the mud!
One of those days fetching in bedding and supplies for the guinea pigs ,dogs and humans, which took quite some time as it was snowing quite hard this morning. Took Mum some shopping and was pleased to see a lot of swelling had gone down, but she does have two lovely black eyes.
Rhodes has been borrowing one of Yorns rugs, but has modified it somewhat with ventilation holes and shortened velcro straps. I was going to buy him his very own purple and silver one but I think I'll wait until he grows up a bit! Hopefully he won't need it for long---surely we must get some milder weather soon?
Speedy has been leaping around with his tennis ball today and got in a bit of bother with Celine when he landed on her from a flying leap, but it didn't seem to bother him much. I just hope someone comes for him soon as he is "made" for fast sports! and needs to be getting lots of training.

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