Thursday, February 5, 2009

The snow arrived with a vengeance this morning but has been steadily thawing out all day to leave more slippery mud. The dogs had a good time in it first thing and Cougar enjoyed a snowball fight. More forecast but we have been lucky here so far it hasn't been as heavy as in other parts of Lincolnshire.
No camera still but I did take some pics on my mobile, just have to find the lead now to download them!!!
This is Devo, a young dog that Zim has part trained and placed with Wiltshire Police. His handler Baz says he is brilliant and will pass out on the 9th of February. A fantastic result!
I spent Tuesday afternoon at A&E as my Mum slipped on some ice and nose-dived onto the concrete. Her face is a mess and she came to stay that evening so I could keep an eye on her just in case of concussion. The dogs thought it was great as they got to cuddle up on the z-bed until I barricaded her in it! By the morning she had two black eyes ! My Uncle came down to stay with her so they returned to her house yesterday, just in time for the snow to close in. (The dogs were most disappointed when I packed the Z-bed away!

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