Monday, January 12, 2009

It was one of those weeks when I didn't get chance to get back to the computer. The weather has been so cold that the water buckets have frozen inside the kennel block! We had some snow, hard frosts and now we have rain. I thought I would put a couple of photos on of our road outside the house. We have had sprout-pickers since before Christmas and this is the result. It is really dangerous too and we have all nearly seen the inside of the dykes in the last few weeks.
As most of you know I have fed CSJ foods for over 8 years now and they kindly sponsored Boston Championship Show with Rosettes and product for all the Groups and BIS RBIS BPIS and RBPIS. Carol had her trade stand there too which wasn't without a few teething problems at first but I think she did a great job! The rosettes were made by Sarawen and were absolutely stunning as you can see, incorporating the CSJ and Boston colours.
Saturday was Pastoral day and, in Malinois, Chase(B Noblesse Oblige) was BD Cougar(Ch. B.Esprit) RBD Chatter(Ch B.Nochotte) RBB Goldmali Believe and BP was Crusoe (B.Tete a Tete).
In Tervueren Basil (Delark Witchcraft was BPDog with his sister Willow(Delark Wicked Witch) BPB,BP and BB.Well Done Terry!!! Bruine had a 2nd in LDog.
In AVNSC Solli(B.Voltaire at Grizwold) had a 2nd in PD , B. Udall had a 4th in PD and Frizzle (B.Visage) was VHC in PB. I was in the Malinois ring and missed my class with Brizo which was a shame but she had a day out.
Celine has not had any puppies which is rather disappointing but she has made the most of sleeping all day today so I am going to keep an eye on her for a few days incase there is one lurking in there somewhere. I am still not up to full speed yet but will try and get some more photos on here this week.

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