Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sunday was the BCCof GB Ch show with Agility at Newark. Zippy, Eva, Zippo and Speedy met up for a photo shoot, which entailed mad handlers running up and down making strange noises--I don't know what they were doing :)). The pups all enjoyed their day out and, as usual, took it all in their stride. Jo ran Ronnie and Keisha and they worked really well with just a pole down.
Monday Karin came to collect Yukon who is joining Indi and Amy. Hopefully Yukon will go to some shows too---that litter are due out just in time for the Back to Back Champ shows so hopefully there will be a few puppies out this year.
I have a horrible cold so haven't been great company but Gerry and Steve have been cheering me up. They have brought the beautiful Teazel with them and she has been entertaining Speedy as he has lots of energy to use up.
Two Tervueren puppies make the big trip to Ireland tomorrow morning, one to the South to live with Udalls' brother Lincoln, and one to the North to live with Margaret and her family.
The club open show is at the weekend so lots of grooming to do in the next few days.

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