Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CRUFTS 2009 !!!!!!!!
Congratulations to Helen and Sam Bull with Vienna (Bonvivant Nonpareil at Stonedragon) on gaining her first CC and BOB at Crufts. Congratulations to Lisa and Chris Wright with Chase (Bonvivant Noblesse Oblige) on gaining his 3rd and crowning CC .
Congratulations to Jo Hyslop with Ronnie(Bonvivant Kronik) on his RDCC. Sister to Vienna and Chase , Chatter, had the RBCC keeping it all in the family!!
Lots of places for the Bonvivant dogs with Sam 1st in PGD& 2nd in GCits,Chino 2nd LD (sadly went lame having cut his paw),Cliche 2nd in OD,Lexi a 1st in PGbitch with Kiah 2nd,Dana 3rd and Tia 5th; Rusty 2nd in LimitB &2ndGCits,Calla 5th LB,and Deepha VHC in OB.
Laekenois:- Congratulations to Wendy Clay with Bristle (Bonvivant Velocity) on his RBD and BP. Brizo was 2nd in OB. Solli was 3rd in OD behind his brother Bristle.
Congratulations to Owners and Breeders:- Hoi Sil of the Border River BD & BOB
Lyra var Letsager BB
Gabrielle D'Eroudur avec Belsharose RBB
In Tervueren Basil had a third in PD and Bruine a VHC in PGDog.
In Groenendael I was very proud of Brittanys' Scarlett who showed herself off beautifully to a 2nd in PB.
Bonvivant Kallisto (aka Rusty) won the ABC Jumping on Friday and I was lucky enough just to walk in to see the presentation on Crufts TV on my computer !!! Well Done David !
It was nice to see foreign friends again at Crufts, it is just such a shame that we don't get much time to talk---no sooner are we there we are under starters orders. Thanks to those people who kindly plied me with coffee as I didn't get chance to stop all day. It has to be one of the hardest shows to exhibit at and the most tiring for both dogs and people.

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