Friday, October 31, 2008

The computer decided to crash so I haven't had a chance to catch up with all the news. Friday was Midland Counties and also the day that Chamonix decided to have her puppies. Lisa was in control of the situation and I picked up Solo for his first show. Basil had a 3rd in PD and Solo a VHC. I had the honour of handling Jazz in Open Dog to his 3rd CC as Carol was not well enough to be there. In Groenendael Udall was 2nd PD, Psyche had 4th OB but Scarlet won PB and was BP, BB and BOS! Lexi had a 2nd in Malinois Junior and Cougar won OD and was BOB. Dana won Junior Bitch and Crusoe Junior Dog and BP, Deepha was BB.

By then Chamonix had had her puppies, 4 dogs and 2 bitches, and was being a very good mum.

Sunday was Sheffield GSD and Obedience, and I ended up being a stay steward and a decoy in C Scent. It was a lovely day with just an odd shower and I met up with lots of friends. Cello had his obedience class on wednesday and really enjoyed it, he especially likes the scent--you get lots of cheese in that one.

News from Janet Weller that Tainn has passed her Bronze Good Citizen and will be working towards her Silver now.

Lexi came to stay for a few days and then Bristle arrived for a week whilst Wendy is competing with Scout in Holland. He has been a good boy and been to two different ringcraft classes, shopping and generally out and about. Exciting news that Celine has come in season at last and hopefully I will be mating her to Zippy very soon. Zippy is Ciels ' brother and will be 12 in February, so fingers crossed we can get a couple of puppies as he hasn't sired a litter before. He has clear eyes and hips as does she.

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